Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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JD’s New video going viral on social media about Language ! – Entrendz Showbizz

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JD’s New video going viral on social media about Language !
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A week ago there was a big verbal war in the film industry under the influence of Pan India movies. You may be aware of the Twitter discussion between Bollywood star hero Ajay Devgn and Sandalwood star hero Sudeep. It started like a whirlwind and seemed like a small hurricane on the subject of ‘Hindi as the national language’. But in the meantime the war of words ended.

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But with the dialogue in a movie trailer, the language war is going viral again. Director Anubhav Simha is all set to release a movie titled ‘Anek’ starring Bollywood hero Ayushman Khurana in the lead role. In it the Jedi Emperor will appear in a key role. The movie trailer has been released recently. The conversation between Ayushman Khurana and JD Chakravarthi has now gone viral.

In that scene Ayushman Khurana talks about the topic of how a person can be identified as Indian. In this order came the mention of language. In that viral scene, Ayushman asks JD Chakravarthi, “Where are you..?” The JD calls it ‘Telangana’. He then goes on to say, “South.” Immediately Ayushman.. ‘Telangana means to be north of Tamil Nadu.. People of Tamil Nadu should call you North Indian’.

To which the Jedi replies ‘probably’. After that Ayushman‌ said ‘Where do you think I used to be ..?’ Asks the JD. The JD calls it North India. ‘It seemed so,’ says Ayushman in return. Your Hindi is very neat.. so it is also said that I thought so. Ayushman says in frustration that Hindi is deciding whether it is North or South. The JD says ‘no’ to that. But how do you decide?

Not North Indian, not South Indian, not East Indian, not West Indian. How can a person just be an Indian..? ’Asks Ayushman. The scene in the ‘Anek’ movie trailer has now become a hot topic in the wake of the Hindi language debate between Sudeep and Ajay Devgan.

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