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Mahesh’s viral comments about Superstar Krishna! – Entrendz Showbizz

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Mahesh’s viral comments about Superstar Krishna!
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Following in his father’s footsteps, Mahesh Babu has entered the film industry and is emerging as a superstar. The question of when the father will take the biopic has been on the minds of the audience for many days. Mahesh said that he never had such thoughts if asked. Now once again he tried to give clarity by saying such an answer.

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Life superstar Krishna is one of the most senior actors in Tollywood with all the elements suitable for a biopic. It can be said that no one has made any ups and downs in his career but the courage he has done and the diversity in his acting. That’s why he’s an Evergreen Superstar. Such a person’s biopic is very necessary to show to guys today.

The desire of the fans is to see if Mahesh Babu will act in it, which is an average event. But Mahesh refuses. Mahesh also said the reason for that. His father told him that he was God and that such a person would not act like he was acting in a biopic. Mahesh also said that he would enjoy watching anyone make a biopic of him. Mahesh also said that he will go ahead with the production of the film.

He starred in the NTR biopic as one of his own and also acted as co-producer. Nagarjuna does not seem to have a big interest in the Akkineni biopic. Nagarjuna has already made it clear that there are no ups and downs required for a biopic in his father’s life. It remains to be seen whether the Mari Krishna biopic will take place in design.

Mahesh is ready as a producer to put money in, we have to see if anyone makes that effort. Mahesh also sings the same old song about Bollywood movies. Mahesh clarified that it is more important for him to excel in Tollywood than Bollywood and that Bollywood is not suitable for him. But now the film with Rajamouli will go to Hindi. That means he does not make films directly, but if he goes to Pan‌ India, that’s okay.

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