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Nagababu’s wife’s comment on Niharika’s issue goes viral! – Entrendz Showbizz

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Nagababu’s wife’s comment on Niharika’s issue goes viral!
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Despite the many in the Mink and Pudding pub case, one category talked about Niharika. Even talking whenever the opportunity arises. Whose story are they telling without fully knowing what happened there. Niharika’s mother Padmaja recently spoke about this. The comments she made in this order have now gone viral. Padmaja said that she knew about her child, but our brother-in-law was behind us.

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Nagababu’s wife Padmaja has been widely reported in the media. Son and daughter come out with their husbands for movie openings and any TV shows. However, she recently gave an interview to a YouTube channel. In this sequence we talked about the niharika and the pub case that took place between Moni. Padmaja gave this interview on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, Naga Babu said that his elder brother Chiranjeevi was very fond of his wife before marriage and was a favorite hero. Recently, both Niharika and Padmaja Konidela were slammed by a media channel. News coming on niharika, Anchor asked how you would react as a celebrity on issues. “It simply came to our notice then. But I told myself that in the situation we are in, things like this are not wrong.

If not, everyone should sit at home with their doors closed. Padmaja insisted that there was no need to fear anyone until they made a mistake. I don’t care much if the niharika ever goes out. Because we all know what we are. I know everything about niharika. However, if we are good enough, they will try to make us suffer. They are also looking to lay stones. However, we have our Chiranjeevi.. As long as he is, it will not be okay, “said Padmaja.

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