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Naresh sarcastic indirect comment on Prakash Raj

Naresh sarcastic indirect comment on Prakash Raj

MAA-  Movies Artistes Association, the apex body of the Telugu movie industry, are over. The MAA presidency was won by  Vishnu Manchu in a close election against Prakash Raj. Manchu  Vishnu has taken the charge as President. Vishnu Manchu had made various promises, including health insurance, job security,  and financial support to needy Telugu actors, during the MAA election campaign.  On the otherside, the 10 members of Prakash Raj’ panel were also elected for various posts, but they have resigned. There are a total of 26 posts in MAA, and the president requires cooperation from the opposite side as well to run the association. Reacting to the resignations, the former Movie Artists Association President Naresh had termed the members who shed tears while announcing the resignations to  the widows to everyone’ utter shock.

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Vijaya KrishnaNaresh was in the support of Manchu Vishnu and during the media interaction, he lashed out at Prakash Raj and his panel members by saying,  Why did they resign from their posts? Should they not work with the winning panel?

Vijaya Krishna  Naresh also spoke about the irregularities took place in MAA elections without taking any name, as he said, they are crying like widows? I have seen a few men crying too. But I would not like to mention their names here?

Naresh concluded it by saying that he is requesting everyone to not disturb MAA with emotions and emotional stress.

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