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Pooja hegde is out from Mahesh28. Reason is.. – Entrendz Showbizz

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Pooja hegde is out from Mahesh28. Reason is..
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Tollywood star heroine Pooja Hegde has been busy with a series of projects. Not only in Telugu but also in Bollywood, Pooja continues to get a series of offers.Pooja also faces problems in adjusting dates for committed movies. In this context, it is said that Pooja Nagar has dropped out of A Star Hero movie.

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Puja Abandoned Project Superstar Mahesh- Trivikram Srinivas Lade Ani Tak. After the completion of “Sarkaru Vari Pata” directed by Parashuram, Mahesh is going to make a film under the direction of Trivikram Srinivas.

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The makers have announced that Pooja has been finalized for the project. Pooja co-starred with Mahesh in Already Maharshi. However, as Pooja Hegde is busy with films like ‘Radheshyam’, ‘Acharya’, ‘Beast’ and ‘Circus’, it seems that she has dropped out of the # SSMB28 project.

In fact, Mahesh’s fans did not like Trivikram taking Pooja Hegde to Mahesh’s film at all. Mahesh fans also trolled Trivikram over the issue.Missing Pooja may be happy news for them but the million dollar question is which star heroine will be chosen for Mahesh instead of Pooja?

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