Friday, March 31, 2023
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Prashant Neil relocate to Hyderabad – Entrendz Showbizz

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Prashant Neil relocate to Hyderabad
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After ‘KGF Chapter 2’, director Prashant Neil joined India Wide Top Directors list. Prashant Neil is said to have gained craze at that level after Rajamouli. He also surpassed Kollywood star director Shankar. Rajamouli was followed by Prashant Neel, who made a low budget Pan India film and grossed over Rs 1000 crore.

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Even in Hindi, the movie has surpassed the top movie collections there. So Prashant Neel got the Pan India star image. However, there are no heroes in Kannada who can manage his star image. Yash is busy with the movies he is committed to now anyway. It would take another two to three years to make a film with him.

So, Now Prashant Neel is also making movies with our Tollywood heroes. He is currently shooting a movie with Prabhas. When this project is complete.. he will do a movie with NTR. It’s the 31st movie for Young Tiger. After that movies with Ram Charan and Mahesh too. Since Rajamouli is making a film with Mahesh, there are chances that there will be a film with Ram Charan.

So Prashant Neel has to stay in Hyderabad for these three years. That is why it seems that Prashant has a plan to move to Bhagyanagar. As a part of this, he told to look for a house here with his own circles. If all goes as planned, Prashant Neel Carafe is likely to be in Hyderabad soon.

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