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Triple elimination this time in Bigg boss house! What is going to happen ! – Entrendz Showbizz

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Triple elimination this time in Bigg boss house! What is going to happen
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Bigg Boss Non Stop House always has nominations coming in one by one and also two nominations. But, nominating three this time seemed new to the audience. Bigg Boss audiences have been predicting a double elimination since last week. But, only a single elimination took place. There was no clarity on the top 5 even as the final week approached.

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With this, everyone thought that the top 6 members would go to the finals this time. But, looking at the nominations for the 11th week, it looks like there will be a triple elimination this time around. With the audience voting it has now become extremely interesting how the trio are going to be eliminated. In fact the voting lines would open as soon as the nominations were completed on Monday.

But, with nominations still pending, voting will now begin on Wednesday. Eliminating all three this time around looks like a good kick. By the 11th week, Nataraj Master, Akhil and Mitra were already in the nominations. Also, Ariana Bababhaskar, yet Bindu also looks likely to come. Anil will also be targeted and brought into the seniors nominations.

So, even if 7 out of 8 people in the House are nominated, those in the Danger Zone. Hence, Nataraj Master seems to be trying to avoid nominations this time around anyway. Master also became fired in the argument with Bindu Madhavi. He also said many points and threw words in person. Nataraj Master will definitely come into the Danger Zone if everyone in the house is nominated in this context.

Also, Ariana and Anil are also in the danger zone. Elimination takes place in all three. If there is a triple elimination this week, it looks like the trio could be gone. Voting for Mitra Sharma has been steady for the past few weeks. Will remain in the safe zone. Also, voting will be done for Bababhaskar. Master stays in the safe zone. Once again it is interesting to see how Elimination is going to be.

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