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10 Disney Movie Jokes That Were Aimed at Adults

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While Disney movies can be for all ages, they are generally considered family-friendly and aimed at children. but in the same style as Pixaro, Just because the stories and characters are designed for the little ones, doesn’t mean all jokes are.

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Whether it’s implied swearing, references to drugs and alcohol, or a lot of sexual humour, Disney movies are full of jokes that can go over the heads of youth, and only adults watching will understand.

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Genie’s Sex Joke (“Aladdin: King of Thieves”)

Robin Williams’ Genie is the main source of comedy aladdin and its two direct-to-video sequels, often throwing in his humorous improvisations while recording his lines for the film. It is unknown whether this specific line was in the script or improvised by Williams, but it may have simply been caught by an older audience.

In Aladdin: King of Thieves When the ground begins to shake during Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding reception, Genie quips, “I thought the earth shouldn’t move until the honeymoon,” implying that Aladdin and Jasmine will most likely wake up on their honeymoon. .

Deep, Deep Snow (“Frozen”)

frozen has been the focus of the principles over the years; Everything from its built-in LGBTQ+ themes to calls Disney’s Frozen Just to throw out the rumours Walt Disney frozen after his death.

But it wouldn’t be a Disney movie without some obvious adult humor. It is during a recap of “For the First Time in Forever” that Anna sings, “Arendelle deep, deep, deep, deep in the snow.” While Arendelle was, indeed, in deep snow, the song is an explicit play on a vulgar phrase that is about being in something deeper, deeper.

Judy’s Good at Multiplying (“Zooptopia”)

zootopia Applauded and reprimanded for being a film that subtly tackles racism and prejudices while presenting – even if only a glimpse – representation of some LGBTQ+ MLM oryx as couples.

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But its attempts at equality are sometimes backed by explicit sexual jokes, including a joke made by the film’s star, Judy Hopes. Trying to persuade Nick to help her, she says, “I’m just a dumb bunny, but we’re good at multiplying,” referring to how rabbits often have dozens of babies.

Tweets from Maui (“Moana”)

Not every adult joke needs to be vulgar. In Moana’s Case in point, one of the cleverest jokes targeted towards an older audience was a reference to a popular social media platform.

When Moana first meets the cocky and self-confident Maui, he snatches the hee and begins to write a few words with his beak on his paddle. “When you use a bird to write, it’s called tweeting,” Mau says, referring to the posting on Twitter as “tweeting.”

A Drunk Honest John (“Pinocchio”)

Despite its lovely characters and heartwarming story, pinocchio It has been warned for its racist undertones and depiction of child trafficking. But like many Disney films of the time, it clearly featured smoking and drinking between the characters.

In addition to Pinocchio smoking cigarettes—something that wouldn’t be covered in a children’s movie today—the film also featured a drug-addicted character. When Honest John is at The Red Lobster Inn, he screams through his rendition of “Hi-Diddle-Dee-D” with a cup of beer in his hand, making the character’s state of intoxication undoubtedly.

Peter Pan’s Peace Pipe (‘Peter Pan’)

Its incredible moments of racism aside, 1953’s Peter Pan sees Peter and his friends doing something that no children’s movie can ever show today.

During the scene with the Indian characters, he is shown passing around a peace pipe, offering Peter and the Darling children. Wendy stops her younger brother Michael from smoking him before he puffs himself up, while John turns green after smoking him.

part of your weed (“The Little Mermaid”)

the little Mermaid 1989 is famous for having quite the famous movie poster, but it wasn’t the only part of the Disney classic that was considered adult-themed.

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The eccentric seagull named Scuttle is one that Ariel often turns to when she wants to learn the names and uses of all her things. When Ariel wonders about the pipe she found, Scuttle flies into it, leaving a froth in the form of a plant, an apparent reference to smoking weed.

Yazma Revealed (“The Emperor’s New Groove”)

The Emperor’s New Groove A Lesser Disney Classic From 2000 With Memorable Sounds David Spade as Cusco, John Goodman as pacha, and meaning kit As evil yazma.

Yzma is hilarious and full of the unexpected, and when she finally tracks down Cuzco, she says, “I bet you weren’t expecting this!” and proceeds to lift her skirt. Cuzco and Pacha scream in horror. Before he revealed a dagger tied to his thigh, from which both men heaved a sigh of relief not seeing Yazma’s private parts.

Sassy Housewives (“Ralph Breaks the Internet”)

Everyone has seen it at least once – if not hundreds of times – on the Internet. Scrolling the web for cat videos or scouring reddit of your favorite fandom when an ad will feature “hot singles in your area” or something along those lines.

in 2018 Ralph breaks the internet, The film pokes fun at the scandal when Ralph finds a pop-up ad circulating the Internet that says, “Sassy housewives are ready to meet you!”

Max’s Living Hell (“A Goofy Movie”)

It is typical of children’s films and shows swearing without actually including curse words, but 1995’s a goofy movie Takes the lie a tiny step further.

At Lester’s Possum Park, a frustrated Max says, “My life is a living—” before he can say “Hell-o, little friend!” be interrupted with. from Lester. Although the phrase “living hell” is never actually said, it is directly implied by Lester’s use of the word “hello”.

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