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10 Great Modern Midnight Movies

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In the 1950s, the term “midnight movie” was coined by the trend of late night television shows featuring genre features including monster flicks, horror, and other off-beat entertainment. The term was later applied to subversive cult films of the 1970s, such as rocky horror picture showA film that spawned an entire tradition of midnight performances.

While the idea of ​​a film airing late on television is somewhat irrelevant these days, directors keep the dream alive with creative violence and gonzo premises that mirror old midnight movies. Whether a woman having sex in a car or a struggle-out Nicolas Cage Making an ax for demon-killing purposes, the following movies are too weird and extreme to watch during the day.

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“Cheap Thrills” (2013)

Recently fired and on the verge of eviction, Craig (Pat Healy) goes out for a beer, where he meets his old friend Vince (Ethan EmbryShortly after, the two meet a wealthy couple who wagers cash for them to undertake a variety of adventures around the bar. As the celebration takes place in the couple’s home, the stakes become increasingly risky, and Craig and Vince find themselves competing for huge amounts of cash.

cheap Thrills asks his audience how far they’ll go for a quick buck and examines the line between desperation and depravity. Despite the cynical nature of the plot, the film balances its tonal temperature with a pitch-black sense of humor that weaves between moments of genuine shock. Tight Cast and Short Runtime Make cheap Thrills A lightning-fast but unforgettable flick that plays better the more people you’ll have crammed into the living room.

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‘The Loved Ones’ (2009)

Six months after the death of his father in a tragic car accident, high school student Brent (Xavier Samuel) tries to cope with the help of weed and metal music. When he turns down an invitation from the shy girl Lola (Robin McElweeFor the school dance, things take an unexpected turn, and he soon finds himself in the fight for his life.

Little was said about the specifics of the plot of dear people, Better. It’s the kind of film that’s hard to pitch without spoiling, but its unpredictable nature makes for a darkly funny and surprisingly shocking ride. This is a real sight for high school horror fans.

‘Mandy’ (2018)

Ired Miller (Nicolas Cage) lives a quiet life with his lovely girlfriend Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) in the rural Pacific Northwest, 1983. However, their peaceful existence is maintained when deranged cult leader Jeremiah Sand (linus roche) sees Mandy in the woods, sending Red on a nightmare path to seek revenge.

If “heavy metal album covers” were a universally recognized film subgenre, Panos Cosmatos Mandy There will be a tent-pole. This phantasmagoric descent into hell is a blood-soaked neon-tinged throwback to ’80s horror. Riseborough’s wounded yet uncanny presence and Cage’s one all-time tour de force performance instilled this psychedelic ride with a nostalgic through-line, raising it to instant cult-classic status.

‘The Guest’ (2014)

A mysterious soldier named David (dan stevens) arrives at Peterson’s house, claiming to be the best friend of his recently deceased son. He offers to stay with her for some time in honor of his son, but the family’s daughter Anna (Maika Monroe), doubts his intentions.

Guest Draws samples from multiple genres including neo-noir, action, horror and mystery to create a fast and entertaining thriller. Stevens weapons his dangerously good looks and charisma to make it impossible to see David’s true intentions later in the film. The finale is a taut chase through a Halloween dance, complete with an atmospheric synthetic soundtrack and neon lighting that evokes style and cements Guest As an all-timer in the midnight film sector.

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‘Titan’ (2021)

After a serious car accident, young Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) A metal plate is surgically inserted into his head. Years later, she works at a motor show and one night, a man is chasing her. Alexia brutally kills him, setting off a chain of violent and life-changing events.

It’s hard to go too far when explaining the plot of titan, because the movie is wildly unpredictable from the start. Rousseau gave her all for a daring performance, painting a layered portrait of a morally complex character. While the film is filled with gaspable moments, the surreal body-horror set at the film’s climax is likely to make any room full of movie-lovers jaw-dropping.

‘Green Room’ (2015)

Desperate to stay on the road, a punk band takes a shady gig at a Skinhead bar in the middle of nowhere. While packing, they witness a murder taking place in the Green Room, where they are forcibly implicated until they decide the fate of the surrounding gang members.

green Room Explores its punk values ​​by digging into both the loving and hateful sides of the community, all neatly packed into one white-knuckle plot. late Anton Yelchin delivers a subtly intense performance, transforming from the meek wallflower to the action hero, and Patrick Stewart Play as calmly as the leader of a sadistic neo-Nazi gang against as many types as possible. watch this movie once, and you will see its episodes Star Trek: The Next Generation In a whole new light.

‘X’ (2022)

In the 1970s, a film crew visits a rural farmhouse, where the owners, an elderly couple, have agreed to let them stay, unaware that they are there to shoot a pornographic film. . Tension immediately builds up when the couple greets them with hostility and the crew becomes suspicious of what they are doing.

TI WestThe horror retreat is an effortless mix of art-house and grind-house and makes an excellent case for why the two aren’t all that different. On the surface, it’s a tribute to farmhouse slashers in the vein the Texas Chainsaw Massacre But thematically digs much deeper. Dealing with topics like art, sexuality, aging, and meta-commentary about the film, West gives us a film that also includes a gleeful death by a crocodile.

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‘The Night Comes for Us’ (2018)

ito (Joe Taslima) is a mercenary and one of six members of the crime ally of the Triad known as the Six Seas. When he refuses to kill an innocent girl and threatens his men, not long ago he is hunted down by numerous murderers, and violence ensues.

Most of the popular crew use raid movies, night comes for us Employs the same kinetic action, only this time with a heavier dose of grind-house gore. The airy runtime is full of wince-worthy moments and will likely introduce you to new ways bones can be broken. When it seems the film itself isn’t over the top, we’re treated to a relentlessly brutal final throw-down between modern martial arts icon Taslim and echo uwais,

‘Battle Royale’ (2000)

based on a book by koshun takami, battle Royale Tells the story of 42 ninth-graders brought to an island by the Japanese government and forced to participate in an event called “Battle Royale”. Enacted to strengthen the nation’s youth, the program requires students to fight to the death, remaining on the island until no one is left standing.

This cult classic makes the best use of its grim fantasy premise, brimming with political allegory to mingle shocking violence. The setup may prove stomach-churning for some viewers, but it provides every moment with harsh suspense that keeps the audience invested in the existence of the main characters. In case the film’s cult status isn’t already clear, the legend of the genre takeshi kitano The teacher makes a memorable appearance as the tyrant.

“Cold in July” (2014)

When Richard Dane (Michael C Hall) hears an intruder at night, he shoots and kills him, disoriented in the dark. The intruder has been identified as Freddie Russell, son of former thief Ben Russell.Sam Shepard), who has recently been released, and Richard worries that his family home will be Ben’s first stop.

cold in july This is a rare film that naturally flows from genre to genre as the plot unfolds, without ever throwing off the tone of the film. What starts out as a tense home invasion thriller evolves into a Friends road trip movie and eventually turns into a stylish revenge flick. Hall sells every narrative variation, playing a complex character who questions the ideas of a “hero” and whether violence can ever be for a good reason.

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