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10 horror-themed villains still to come to the MCU

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one of the biggest criticisms aimed at MCU It has weak villains – especially in comparison to its complex heroes. However, Phase Three features some stellar opponents, including Black Panther rival Eric Killmonger, Civil War starter Baron Zemo, and Mad Titan Thanos. In their own right, these villains have become just as great and beloved as the MCU’s finest heroes. And of course, Loki became such a fan after fighting Thor and the Avengers that he got his own Disney+ series, and wandavisionThat’s getting the same treatment for Agatha Harkness. Villains are definitely on the rise in the MCU, and there’s a scary twist to many of them.

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The MCU is leaning on the horror side of Marvel Comics with the introduction of Moon Knight and the introduction of Blade and even Werewolf By Night, but recent movies have given off some major horror vibes, especially with their villains. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Pure wild terror given that only Sam Raimi And a disgraced Wanda can provide. Thor: Love and Thunder Performed a moody and manic gore The God Butcher, whose screen presence left the audience stunned. and alsoMoon KnightPresented with Arthur Harrow, a calculating and chilling cult leader. And with the horror the MCU is taking, some of Marvel’s most horror-themed villains could be debuting in the franchise very soon.

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Mephisto: Marvel’s Ruler of Hell

since bottle gourd, fans were wondering if Mephisto would appear. And if he does eventually appear, he could be one of the most terrifying and frightening dangers Earth’s mightiest heroes have faced.

Mephisto is the evil demonic ruler of Hell whose fiery magic power is matched by his calculated manipulation. He could easily be a major threat in the MCU in the post-Multiverse saga, as he would become a perfect foe for some of the more supernatural heroes. If Ghost Rider is eventually born in the MCU, expect Mephisto to follow.

Arcade: A Jigsaw-esque Puppet Master

A calculative, twisted villain, the arcade is Marvel Comics’ answer to the jigsaw. With his ability to devise murderous death traps to cast heroes down, the arcade could be one incredibly fun horror villain in the MCU.

with deadpool 3 On the horizon, Arcade Merck will be the perfect first villain to face off with a mouthful. The arcade’s bloody destruction spirit is worthy of r-eating and Deadpool’s idea of ​​the hopeless arcade because he can’t be killed as he crosses the Murderworld would be wonderful. The arcade’s Murderworld is a worthy place to put the Thunderbolts as well and could cause some killer mayhem for everyone to enjoy.

Mr. Sinister: A Truly Sinister Threat

With the X-Men’s debut almost certainly in sight, there’s no way one of their deadliest and scariest villains, Mr. Sinister, won’t eventually raise its sinister head.

Mr. Sinister leaves a fairly cool presence with his destructive telepathic abilities and evil intentions to become a ruthless overlord. His constant use of clones that match his promiscuity and ferocity makes him hard to track down. in great disrepute new mutantsAccording to Screen Rant, Mr. Sinister was actually supposed to appear as the main antagonist for a planned trilogy and be played by Jon Hamm. Unfortunately, due to the troubled production of the film, this never happened, but the character may have been the big screen terror in the MCU.

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Nightmare: Welcome to Nightmare World

As the name implies, Nightmare is one of the most creepy villains in Marvel’s rogues gallery; He’s basically Marvel’s version of Freddy Krueger that doesn’t have finger knives.

If you encounter a nightmare under normal circumstances, it’s nothing to fear apart from its chilling monstrous form. However, if that traps you in a world of nightmares, you are in for your worst fears and eternal torment to come in life. Although many thought that Nightmare might turn out to be the villain in the end. variety of madnessIt is very likely that he may appear in the next Doctor Strange Strange as the film dives deeper into necromancy. Maybe Nightmare is a more powerful MCU villain than Doctor Strange.

The Brood: A Vicious Alien Breed

As the MCU further explores the universe, there’s no reason it can’t bring some cosmic horror into the mix, and broods are the perfect entity to terrify audiences.

The Broods Are Basically Marvel’s Take on Xenomorph foreign Because they are an insect-like alien species that hunts new hosts to lay eggs. With Captain Marvel, The Eternals and Guardians of the Galaxy still roaming the MCU universe, there’s a good chance that they might encounter these terrifying creatures.

Annihilus: Marvel’s Alien Annihilator

Another great cosmic terror in the Marvel Universe is Annihilus, an inter-dimensional conqueror in his quest for eternal life, who viciously destroys all who come his way.

Annihilus’s bug/robot-like appearance is the major horror tremor, and his power is on par with Thanos’s. With Annihilus ruling from the negative realm, the MCU’s trek to an alternate dimension, the Multiverse, and the universe beyond, could be a great place to uncover the villain’s gruesome brutality. He could easily serve as a formidable foe to any kind of hero at some point, or indeed in space.

Carnage: a sadistic symbiosis

Carnage is easily one of the Spider-Man villains fans want to see in the MCU, and although he debuted on the big screen Venom: Let There Be MassacreThere’s more that Carnage could bring to the big screen.

The red-tinted symbiote exposes the brutal and ruthless behavior of its host, serial killer Cletus Cassady, with every strange murder, and he’s easily Marvel’s most body-horror-influenced villain. Spider-Man: No Way Homepost-credits scene with Tom HardyKay Venom left a little symbiotic goo in the MCU and this could lead to Carnage’s return to the big screen.

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Dracula: Marvel Studios’ Dracula

One of the most iconic figures in horror, there are many great versions of Dracula on the silver screen. Marvel has its own version of Bloodsucker which may soon be heading to the MCU.

Marvel’s Dracula isn’t too far off from the mythical vampire as he is a vicious bloodhound who seeks to expand his coven and consolidate his power through horrific manipulation and raw luck. Blade will be introduced to the MCU soon, it’s almost certain that Dracula will follow the franchise and bring some classic horror.

Scarecrow: Not DC One

Believe it or not, Marvel has its own villain called Scarecrow, but he’s a far cry from the DC villain of the same name. Instead of a scheming psychologist spreading fear venom, Marvel’s Scarecrow is an abortionist who has also been raised from the dead.

The Scarecrow’s presence strikes fear into anyone who comes across it, and its arsenal of weapons, including a giant scythe and murderous crows, fuels downright horror. As a horror fan, Scarecrow is a dream villain to enter the MCU and could easily be a great enemy to go face-to-face with Blade, Ghost Rider, or even Werewolf by Knight. Is.

Dormammu: Bigger, Better, More Fire

Yes, Dormammu had already debuted in the MCU when he went up against Doctor Strange in the first solo film of the proud Doctor. But let’s face it, that’s not what Dormamoo fans want to see.

Dormammu isn’t just a giant creepy face, and his fire-headed wizard looks from the comics are way cooler and creepy. Doctor Strange has barely scratched the surface of the horror that Dormammoo can add to the Dark Dimension, and fans deserve to see the spooky wizard as absolute terror. Perhaps the next Doctor Strange movie could see Dormamoo in full, just the way fans deserve it.

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