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10 Movies That Will Get You Hypnotized To ‘Body Body Bodies’ (And Where To Stream Them)

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bodies bodies bodies After garnering much acclaim at this year’s SXSW, it’s finally hitting theaters. The buzz for A24’s slasher-comedy certainly hasn’t calmed down and suggest the indie studio could have several word-of-mouth hits in 2022. It follows wealthy friends who call for a storm party but become hostile towards each other after dusk. An unexpected and fatal twist.

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amandla stenberg ,the hate you give, Maria Bakalova ,borat baadi moviefilm), And Pete Davidson ,king of staten island) are probably the biggest three names in the film, but it also includes a stellar cast of young comedians and dramatic actors. myhala harold (HBO’s industry) And Rachel Cenote ,shiv baby) with its day-glo cinematography and timely screenplay (expect to hear jargon like “toxic” and “gaslighting”), bodies bodies bodiesIn addition to being an Agatha-Christian-style whodunit—there’s a generational portrait in the vein of heathersAnd spring breakers,

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“The Bling Ring” (2013)

Based on a true story, the bling Ring is about a group of teenagers who broke into several properties of celebrities between 2008 and ’09. while the director Sofia Coppola Compassionate to the real-life themes of the story, she wisely avoids turning them into relatable characters.

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the bling Ring Less concerned with their personal aspirations than it is the clinical unpacking of materialism and celebrity worship that they indulge in. The film received weak reviews in 2013 and mainly attracted notice for Emma WatsonAgainst-type casting as the leader of the poses, but the years that followed have given Coppola’s low valuations renewed relevance. Available to Showtime subscribers.

‘Never Goin’ Back’ (2018)

Best friends Angela and Jesse (maia michelle And Camilla Morrone) are partners in crime and about everything else. The film tracks their misadventures during some turbulent days as they land in prison, lose their jobs, and dream of a trip to the beach.

never go back Often it feels like it’s picking up with the characters Florida Project About fifteen years later. However, don’t expect hard-hitting social commentary from that film. Writer-director Augustine Friesel swaps a critical perspective for a charmingly dull odyssey that’s full of big laughs. As questionable as the main characters’ actions may be—they steal, swear at adults, and trick others into getting their way—it’s hard not to root for these two blissfully misguided troublemakers. Available to Showtime subscribers.

‘Jawbreaker’ (1999)

Everyone’s favorite teen comedy about body concealment, jaw breaker Already online comparisons are being made with the latest offering from A24. Rebecca Gayhart, Rose McGowanAnd Julie Benz Starr as a member of a faction who kills his best friend during a birthday prank gone horribly wrong. The subsequent cover-up of Girls is a lens through which writer-director Darren Stein explores teenage sexuality, body image, and the purpose of pop culture’s young people.

The film remains popular for its stinging humor and lively use of pastels—an aesthetic that persists throughout the subgenre. Initially greeted without much fanfare, jaw breaker Has aged well and is considered to be ahead of its time. Only available for PVOD at this time.

“Heathers” (1989)

Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) is the only girl in her group of friends whose name is not Heather. She denies Heather’s mistreatment of her classmates and finds a kindred spirit in Jason Dean (Christian Slater), a mysterious outcast with a brutal streak. Veronica and Jason’s romance turns into a cautious partnership when they begin to leave their high school goons.

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heathers‘ Modern drama on Shakespearean themes has cited black comedy as inspiration. jaw breaker, mean Girls, and, by extension, body body bodyAn original coming-of-age film. A presenter satire of upper-middle class America, heathers A collection of iconic lines and scenes. Tubi it. watch for free on,

‘Rough Night’ (2017)

Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, jillian bell, Ilana GlazerAnd zo kravitz Take on the role of college friends who reunite for a ruined bachelorette party. a comedy of rise, rough night It becomes more enjoyable as the conditions in the evening get worse. This is a film that benefits from being watched with a little prior knowledge of the synopsis.

While the film’s objectives are modest in comparison to the spirit-tapping social commentary such as bodies bodies bodies, it hits several beats of the same narrative, as characters begin to blame and express deep-seated animosity for one another, while their fortunes run out. talented artist lives rough night Even if it puts pressure on credibility. PVOD only.

‘Shiva Baby’ (2021)

A great reason to check out bodies bodies bodies The cringe-humor expert is Rachel Sennot. She announced her talent to a wider audience shiv babyA claustrophobia-inducing dark comedy that, like Cenot’s new project, uses a single location to build tension in real time.

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She plays Danielle, an aimless young adult whose less-kosher personal life unravels during an Orthodox Jewish awakening. Sennott both leans in and rises to generational stereotypes. Balancing rudeness and precocious farsightedness, his performance is reminiscent of Lena Dunhamis in girls, It’s no surprise that the reviews bodies bodies bodies Cenot is praised as one of the main attractions of the film. Playing on HBO Max.

‘Spring Breakers’ (2013)

four friends (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley BensonAnd Rachel Korine) is desperate to escape campus during spring break and party with her classmates in St. Petersburg, Florida. After being jailed for narcotics and vandalism, the girls are granted bail by aliens (James Franco), a rapper and drug runner whose generosity is not without catch.

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Pre-release reviews have said bodies bodies bodies A Gen-Z spring breakersAnd while this comparison certainly makes stylistic sense, the marketing of the slasher-comedy doesn’t suggest a mournful and intense tone. harmony korineYouth-culture autopsy. In the hands of another filmmaker, spring breakers Could easily have been a celebration of bad behavior. However, Korine’s disparate observations make for a nerve-wracking cautionary tale. to like the bling Ring, spring breakers Manages to elicit sympathy for his characters without endorsing or romanticizing his actions. No matter how colorful this party is, you’ll be eager to leave. Currently available on Showtime.

‘Thirteen’ (2003)

With his frantic camerawork, saturated palette, smoky eyeshadow and low-rise flares, thirteen Never hold back to make you feel like you have been taken back to the early stages. never go back There’s this grumpy, no-holds-barred idealized version of youth culture and substance abuse. Evan Rachel Wood Stars as Tracy, a seventh grade student who undergoes a dramatic personality change after befriending her middle school queen bee, Evie (Nikki Reed) Tracy’s mother (holly hunter), a recovering addict, becomes alarmed by his newfound enthusiasm for shoplifting, drugs and big boys.

thirteen Covers topics- kleptomania, materialism, family system-that the bling Ring And spring breakers You will get better effect later. What makes it less of a chore is the flawed but well-intentioned adult in the room. The film perfectly captures the last days of exchanging phone numbers on slips of paper. Currently available on HBO Max.

‘This is the end’ (2013)

James Franco, Jai Baruchel, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, Danny McBrideAnd Jonah Hill They are forced to cohabit after the Second Coming disrupts their house party. Small rivalries and long-standing enmity threaten everyone’s existence as the group splits into opposing camps. it’s the end Filled with hilarious celebrity cameos and clever references to movies like moneyball And rosemary’s baby,

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The film ridicules its stars (all playing themselves) for their entitlement and narcissism, qualities bodies bodies bodies Dagger in his own characters. Both projects also bring laughs from the awkward setup of enemies who, under pressure, reveal their true feelings for each other. Watch it on Starz.

‘Zola’ (2021)

a waitress (taylor paige) thinks she is leaving with her new friend (Riley Keough) in Florida so that they can dance fast cash, but he soon learns that he is being smuggled. coleman domingo And Nicholas Braun (of succession fame) play the role of Keef’s pimp and retarded lover respectively.

the bling Ring And spring breakers credibly explore the effects of social media on young people, but Zola These films have the distinction of originating in the culture being criticized. The title character is a real person who experienced a nightmare on Twitter; That thread serves as the source material for this blurry and surreal film. Equally hilarious and disturbing, Zola Some films have managed modern communication in a way. Stream it on Showtime.

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