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10 Reality Dating Shows Ranked: Which Has The Highest Success Rate?

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since dating game The reality dating show that aired in 1965 has maintained a safe place on the small screen. Over the past sixty years, countless dating shows with different premises have been created; However, what started out as a simple matchmaking gameshow concept has slowly grown into a dramatic, soap opera-esque reality genre that turns contestants into celebrities. And yet, audiences of all ages just can’t get enough.

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While today’s dating shows are wildly popular and endlessly entertaining, their potential to create long-lasting marriages has little to do with arguments, plot twists, flashy sites, and the opportunity for romance. Still, these TV shows are guilty (or maybe not so guilty) pleasures for millions of viewers. All dating shows are entertaining to some degree, but figuring out the success rate of a series is as much fun as seeing whether the show delivers as advertised.

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‘Love Island’ (2019 – present)

One of the 22 international editions of the original British series, love island Popular contest and dating show genres and the interactive element of a public vote announces the winning couple. Complete with challenges, amazing twists, a $100,000 cash prize and a chance to love, this Peacock The show has become one of the most popular reality series today.

whereas love island, Currently in its fourth season, the islanders are allowed to form pairs of their own, with no winning couple still together. However, there have been several marriages and relationships that have emerged from the UK version. As far as the US series is concerned, love island Failed to make any long lasting relationship.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ (2020 – Present)

Very difficult first broadcast Netflix It has spawned two international editions in 2020 with positive reviews and in Brazil and Mexico. The show brings together a group of young men and women who are struggling to build long-term, meaningful relationships as they build relationships and compete for $100,000. While intimate, physical contact of any kind is forbidden, each rule breaking results in a deduction from the prize money.

After completing various therapeutic workshops to help contestants fix past relational and personal issues, the group chooses which person or couple has developed the most and awards them the remaining prize money. After three seasons, only one couple is still together, giving the show a pretty terrible record. However, a fourth season is on the way, and hopefully some of the past contestants have changed their selfish ways for good.

‘Temptation Island’ (2001 – 2003, 2019 – present)

Originally running from 2001 to 2003, temptation island came back in USA Network in 2019. This reality show differs from others in that established couples come to the show to test the strength of their relationship by living separately with a group of singles of the opposite sex. The show has sparked some controversy over its unconventional premise, but its reboot has given it new life with a new generation.

Over the course of four seasons, one couple is married, two are engaged (all of whom were already couples from the show), and some are dating. The success rate of the show is not very bad, but many couples broke up on the show and moved on with someone else. temptation island With the record for breaking more couples than they keep together.

‘The Bachelor’ (2002 – present)

since 2002, the Bachelor has been a mainstay on American television and led to a huge franchise with a strong fanbase called “Bachelor Nation”. essentially unchanged since its first season, abc performance A man is simultaneously dating about 25 women until he chooses the man he wants to propose. Despite its enduring popularity, the show’s success rate is terrifying.

Out of its 26 seasons, only one single couple is still together: Sean Lowe is married and has three children with Katherine, the woman he proposed to in 2013. However, two others remain unmarried and after the breakup he has children with the runner-up with the women he had initially chosen. In addition, the latest two bachelors are currently dating their last ladies. the Bachelor Will be back for another season, but the leading man is still unknown.

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‘The Bachelorette’ (2003 – present)

the BachelorThe first spin-off of The Bachelorette, began airing in 2003 and is currently in its 19th season. like its predecessor, The Bachelorette Follows a woman selected from a pool of women in the previous season the Bachelor, because she dates 25 men and eventually chooses one. The show has had a little more success, but not much.

In 18 seasons, four Bachelorettes have married their final choice, two of whom have created families with multiple children. Although she broke up with the men she had chosen, two other Bachelorettes have since been linked to men who were contestants on different seasons of the show. Hopefully, with a new season featuring two Bachelorettes, the show can add two more successful marriages to its list.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ (2014 – present)

bachelor in heavenAnother successful show in the Bachelor The franchise retains both of its previous competitors. the Bachelor And The Bachelorette Each week sees them forming a relationship on a beach in Mexico and in hopes of a proposal at the end of the season. Since each season ends with several couples deciding to stay together, the show has one of the best success rates in the franchise.

After seven seasons, two couples are married with children, five are engaged, and four are in long-term relationships. Also, though the ten teams that left the show got engaged, three of whom got married are no longer together. As a result, bachelor in heavenIt has a success rate of around fifty percent, but the coming season may increase it further.

‘Are you the one?’ (2014 – present)

broadcast on mtv Since 2014, Are you one? follows a group of men and women who are secretly paired in a matchmaking process as they attempt to identify their “perfect match” by pairing up and competing in different challenges. If they all succeed, the group shares the one million dollar prize, but loses the money each time they guess wrong.

In eight seasons, the show has produced three “perfect match” weddings and several marriages by couples who were matched with someone else or who were in a different season. The series has also seen many couples break up with their matches, so the show has been only partially successful.

‘Love is Blind’ (2020 – present)

Premiering on Netflix in 2020 and producing two versions in Brazil and Japan, love is blind has a unique base reminiscent of dating game, Each season, a group of males and females spend hours getting to know each other in separate pods, where they can only hear each other’s voices. A contestant can propose after ten days of knowing each other. Once the proposal is accepted, the couple meet face to face for the first time. After a couple retreats, visit each other’s families, and plan the wedding, they eventually decide whether or not they want to get married at the altar.

After only two seasons, the show features four couples saying “I do” on their wedding day, who are all still together. However, the eight couples decided to separate. The series is self-described as an experiment, so it still proves that love is blind. Unique for its psychic connectedness aspect, this dating show has been renewed for three more seasons.

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“Marriage at First Sight” (2014 – present)

Currently in its 15th season, marriage at first sight Unlike any other dating show but one of the most successful. Since 2014, Life span Several matchmakers on the show arrange marriages between the men and women, who are told nothing about their fiancée and meet for the first time at the altar. They live the next eight weeks as a married couple and decide whether they want to remain married or divorce at the end of the experiment.

In 14 seasons, 13 couples have married, the most marriage results of any reality dating show. However, despite this success, the show is more likely to fail; With an average of five couples per season, 41 couples choose to divorce after eight weeks. Maybe season 15 will improve the show’s success rate rather than increase the number of divorces five couples have.

’90 Day Fiancée’ (2014 – present)

Although it is not a dating show in the traditional sense, when it comes to weddings, 90 day fiancé Most successful reality show ever. TLC The series follows a group of real-life couples, with an American engaged to someone from another country. They plan their wedding 90 days before marrying or deporting the international person.

Without counting the multiple marriages from its spin-off, 90 day fiancé Eight seasons have seen 29 couples get married. However, 17 couples have either called off their engagement or got divorced. Yet, with 29 more marriages taking place in the current season, 90 day fiancé clearly has the highest success rate.

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