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6 things to know about ‘Halloween’s Ends’ so far

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of john carpenter 1978 Halloween A Scary Time has become a classic, turning into a franchise of seven sequels, by the 2007 remake. Rob Zombie, And a 2018 continuation starring some of the original cast that has now become a trilogy.

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after 2018 Halloween and its sequel halloween kills,halloween ends This continuation is said to be the final film in the trilogy, while the previous film was not taken directly from there. Set to release in October 2022, fans of the Michael Myers saga need to know about the upcoming slasher.

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halloween kills Michael Myers rises up against the townspeople and kills everyone, including an adult Tommy Doyle. Laurie’s daughter Karen, believing Michael was killed, begins a search of the dark, empty Myers House, only to encounter a run-in with Michael, who stabs her, possibly killing her. Is.

opposite the way Halloween II happened on the same night of 1978 Halloween And halloween kills happened on the same night of 2018 halloween, halloween ends Not just a time jump but set to showcase some real life events. The film will take place in 2022 and is said to be set in a post-pandemic world filled with awkward politics and follows “Laurie Strode’s last stand,” according to the film’s synopsis.

returning characters

These Halloween The continuation is filled with characters from the original films, as well as some familiar faces in new and notable roles. Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie is set to reprise her beloved role as Strode, while also being judged as an executive producer for the film.

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halloween ends star will also Kyle Richards, who played Lindsay Wallace in 1978 Halloween and returned to the franchise as Lindsay Halloween Returns. is also behind Andy Matichaki as Alison, Will Patton as Deputy Frank Hawkins, and Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in the 1978 film and made a cameo as the villain in the sequel to the 2018 film, 2021, and is set to play the role again in this final installment.

‘Halloween Ends’ Vs. ‘Halloween III’

first time Halloween The third film the franchise got, as it was Halloween III: Season of the Witch, And it wasn’t quite the sequel fans were expecting. With not even a glimpse of the franchise’s star Michael Myers, the 1982 film follows a doctor and his friend as they uncover a mass murder plot that will kill millions of children on Halloween.

While this film was made into canon halloween kills When it featured the Easter Egg of the Three Famous Cursed Masks Halloween III – The green witch, the skull, and the jack-o’-lantern – the third film in the continuation will be nothing like the original. halloween ends Michael Myers and Laurie Strode as they endure their final battle, this time with no mention of any witchcraft.

Magnum opus

john carpenter A legend in the world of horror film music, creating compositions for films such as christine, fog, and most notably, Halloween Voting. Carpenter is to thank for the memorable, haunting theme song from Michael Myers, who lent his musical expertise to the first three films in the saga and eventually returned to the franchise for a 2018 continuation.

After providing those familiar tunes Halloween And halloween kills, Carpenter set to return as musician Halloween ends. he will be making out with his son cody carpenter Also starring as one of the film’s executive producers, as he had done for the first two.

Trailer calls back to 1978’s ‘Halloween’

when new Halloween The film premiered in 2018, eroding the authenticity of every previous film and picking it up decades after the 1978 film. But the return of Laurie Strode, the new film trilogy, was sure to call back to her roots amidst that famous John Carpenter composition and numerous flashbacks.

halloween ends Starting with the trailer is no different. At just over a minute, the trailer follows the heavy breaths of a man waking up from the Myers house and Judith’s bedroom, the same way that 1978’s Halloween begins. It then – to Carpenter’s famous theme song – bounces back and forth between scenes from the new film and footage from Laurie and Michael’s previous films, before ending with Laurie stabbing Michael in the present day, as he Have done it many times before.

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release date

the original Halloween The film debuted in theaters on 25 October 1978 to a box office success, making it one of the most successful independent films of all time. Exactly 40 years later, the continuation of Halloween It premiered on October 19, 2018, grossing $255 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing slasher film without adjusted dollars.

Like most of its predecessors in the franchise, halloween ends Set to hit theaters on October 14, 2022, just one day less than exactly a year halloween kills Premiered in 2021. whereas halloween kills was released simultaneously with Peacock, it is unknown whether halloween ends Will follow suit and premieres on both theaters and the streaming service.

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