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6 Vampires Who Won’t Escape Guillermo de la Cruz From ‘What We Do In The Shadows’

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what do we do in the shadows It has given viewers not only the best new vampires to hit the screens, but one of the most dangerous vampire killers ever: Guillermo de la Cruz. First introduced to audiences as an acquaintance of the vampire Nandor the Relentless, Guillermo’s personality has changed dramatically over the past four seasons. This is due to his (spoiler alert!) Vampire Hunter ancestry, which links him back to the original vampire killer Abraham Van Helsing.

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Because of his heritage, Guillermo has some killer instincts when it comes to getting rid of vampires. Before he even knew he was a vampire killer, he was accidentally killing them by opening the doors to daylight and putting them on a stake. Since then, she has been busy saving her Staten Island vampire from vampire killers. Proving himself yet again in ‘The Night Market’ recently, he still can’t be beat. And while pop culture is full of strong, fearsome vampires, many will still meet their death at the hands of Guillermo de la Cruz.

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Dracula (BBC’s ‘Dracula’ and other adaptations)

The most infamous vampire of them all is Dracula. first created by Bram Stoker In 1897, he hunted down Jonathan Harkness, his wife Mina, and his friend Lucy. He has the ability to transform into a bat, hypnotize his prey and draw their blood. But this vampire never got to tell his side of the story, the entire novel being told in letters, so the lore has changed a lot since its creation. Although he wasn’t the first vampire, Dracula has become an inspiration to the undead who have come after him, and there are many great versions of Dracula on screen.

Dracula is very similar to Vampire what do we do in the shadows, so he could be Guillermo’s victim during the first meeting. everywhere WWDITS Season 1, there are signs that Guillermo may have unintentionally turned fatal to his roommates. While he may believe that, like Nandor, Dracula will try to turn him into a vampire, Guillermo can easily stake Dracula like everyone else, as Dracula has the same weaknesses as The Baron Afanas. Baron Guillermo was the strongest of all the vampires he faced and was the first to meet his death at the hands of a vampire killer.

Edward Cullen (“Twilight”)

After becoming a vampire during the Spanish Flu era, Edward Cullen lived his teenage years…forever. He gains the ability to read minds and a new family with the Cullens, which feasts only on animals, which makes them slightly different from other vampires that eat humans. Despite feeling invincible, Edward learns that he is not always powerful when he meets Bella Swan, a 17-year-old girl whose mind is not as accessible to him. She doesn’t think she is the demon he believes she is, and they fall in love. In-spite of this Twilight The film series is a household name in the cringe dialogue, Dear and Edward Cullen.

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vampire in The Twilight SagaBloodshed don’t follow the traditional rules of being the undead. They don’t burn in the sun, they don’t need to be invited into the house, they can’t hypnotize anyone, and they won’t die if they feast on animals. Therefore, it will be difficult for Guillermo to kill Edward. But with vampire killer instincts, he finds ways to trap and then burn Edward into pieces to ashes. The fire would fit snugly into the chimney of their Staten Island home.

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)

Katherine Pierce was Elena Gilbert’s doppelganger, a . was the hero of the Vampire Diaries Chain. In 1490, at the age of 17, Catherine gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock and was exiled to England. She confronts Klaus Mickelsen and becomes a target for Klaus after learning that she is a Petrova doppelgnger. He hoped to sacrifice her to recover his werewolf side, but Catherine escapes and becomes a vampire in order to survive. When she meets Stefan and Damon Salvatore, she has a crazy love affair with them and becomes the main antagonist. the Vampire Diaries After Elena Gilbert fell in love with the brothers too.

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Guillermo could beat Catherine because she was always bested by Stefan, Damon and Elena. In the Vampire Diaries, Vampires survive in the sun because of the enchanted amulet made of lapis lazuli. Guillermo may not even need to stake Catherine, just a little pocket money. He would not have time to realize that his amulet was gone until the sun came upon him.

Bill Compton (“True Blood”)

Bill Compton’s main love interest was true Blood Chain. He became a vampire after the Civil War, a Confederate soldier living in what is now a small town in Louisiana. After several years, he becomes King of Louisiana, giving him the power to rule over the vampires in that state like a kind of vampire mayor. Bill leads a strong love life with Sookie Stackhouse, a woman who is half human, half angel, and will do anything to protect her. After contracting hepatitis V, Bill nearly dies and is left at the stake by Sookie herself.

whereas true Blood Claimed to be one of the best TV witches out there, its vampires have several bloody weaknesses that Guillermo can take advantage of. Like most other vampires, Bill can be at stake. Or it could be a situation similar to The Baron’s death where Guillermo intoxicates Bill with too much blood and then sends him into the sunlight or sets him on fire. He could also find a Necromancer to control Bill in order to destroy him. it’s clear that true Blood The Vampire has a number of weaknesses that Guillermo can take advantage of if he is strategic about this kill.

Claudia (Interview with the Vampire)

Anne Rice interview with the devil Gave the audience one of the youngest intelligent vampires to ever live: Claudia. After being nearly eliminated from her life by Louis, Claudia is resurrected by Lestat. For 65 years, she lives as a young girl, resenting Lestat for keeping her that way. Eventually, she takes it on her found family and, in return, they kill her for her many betrayals.

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Claudia’s weakness is her desperation to become a vampire at only five years old. Perhaps she can seduce Guillermo by offering to turn him into a vampire, but she seems to have reserved this for Nandor. Guillermo could have come to him to offer some kind of cure that could make him human. Despite being wise beyond his years, his only weakness may be his desperation before Guillermo puts him at stake. They’ve taken on child vampires before, and they didn’t survive.

Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

from Drusilla vampire slayer Holds the affection of both Spike and Angel. He is fired in the mid-19th century after Engel kills his entire family to keep it as his “masterpiece”. Eventually, she meets the poet William Pratt and falls in love with him. When she introduces him as a vampire, he takes the name Spike. The three vampires later meet Buffy in Sunnydale, and she has romantic relationships with both Angel and Spike. Knowing this, Drusilla becomes an antagonist in the series.

As a psychic in his human form, Drusilla developed the power of hypnosis as a vampire. Luckily for Guillermo, he’s been so hyped by the vampires he’s lived with so many times, that he’s now immune to it. So, if Drusilla tries to hypnotize Guillermo, he may pretend to be impressed and then suddenly attack him at the last minute. She will never really see him coming because he is usually underestimated.

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