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7 of the Best Miniseries to Binge on in a Day

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If ever needed a list of shows that are quick to watch, this is the list. A mini-series intended to be a show with a complete story in just a few episodes. Some popular series start out as mini-series, but as their popularity grows, more seasons are created. For these series, their stories are longer than most long-running shows with ten or so seasons can endure.

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These mini-series tell the stories of major book adaptations, real-life events, and upcoming Marvel superheroes. If you have the time for a day, these series are a must-see.

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‘Bodyguard’ (2018)

David Budd, a war veteran, is assigned to protect the Home Secretary, whose values ​​are not popular. She wants to introduce new methods of surveillance for security reasons, so she becomes a target. Buddha himself becomes a target to protect her, and when she dies, he is the first suspect of her murder. Richard Madden Stars in this high-intensity British thriller series.

if one deeply concerned film or gray man not intense or long enough, bodyguardis only six hours and six episodes long. The series has action and suspense and it is quite exciting to watch it once again. It can easily bring excitement to an otherwise slow day.

‘It’s a Sin’ (2021)

Former and now current Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davis created It is a sin As a tribute to his younger years in London. From 1981 to 1991, It’s a Sin tells the story of a group of gay men and their close friends during the HIV/AIDS crisis in England. During each episode, the group goes through moments of love, fun, laughter, heartbreak, and sadness. starring Oli Sikander In pop music fame, each character goes through their own journey dealing with the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

It is a sin Watching will take approximately five hours, with each episode lasting about 45 minutes. While it is possible to watch this mini-series in one day, it may be best to give the episodes a bit of space given the gravity of the ending. Yes, a box of tissues will be necessary.

‘Boo, b*tch!’ (2022)

Lana Condor stars in boo, b*itch, Netflix miniseries about a young woman named Erica who decides to change her life and become more outgoing. However, her plans are doomed when she wakes up the next day as a ghost. Some ghosts pass away immediately, but Erica’s plan to make the most of her life is her unfinished business, so she sticks around and does everything she intends to do – live her life as it is As if there is no tomorrow.

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With only seven episodes, which are half an hour each, boo, b*itch The runtime is a little less than three and a half hours. This will give more time to watch other, much longer miniseries as well.

‘The End of the F***ing World’ (2017-2019)

the end of the f***ing world There was an original Netflix show with a strange sense of humour. The story focuses on young teen Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and James (Alex Lawther) when they form a relationship with each other. She really wants a boyfriend, and he wants to figure out how to murder her. Together, they become embroiled in a murder mystery that keeps them on the run and disguised.

While the series has two seasons, each episode is only 20 minutes long, which could be spent watching an 8-hour season anyway. bridgerton, The show can be spent in two halves of four hours each or can be completed in eight hours.

‘WandaVision’ (2021)

For the superhero fan at large, wandavision The perfect show to watch in a day. See Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) before becoming the Scarlet Witch (Paul BettanyLive your sitcom dreams with your husband Vision. As the show continues, the mystery of what’s going on with Wanda is revealed across different sitcom genres and decades. The show was the first in Marvel’s Phase Four projects, so it helped set up life. avengers: endgame And for Wanda’s potential villain arc Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,

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The show is six hours long, with each episode only lasting half an hour. So it can easily be binge in a day. Following wandavision, Most Marvel Disney+ shows remained in the 6-8 episode format, so it’s easy to watch most of them in one day, throughout the MCU? Not so much.

“Ordinary People” (2020)

Sally Rooneythe infamous novel of normal peoplewas adapted into a Hulu miniseries starring in 2020 Paul Mescal And Daisy Edgar-Jones, The series follows the love story of Marianne and Connell in a small Irish town as they grow up with each other. With a miscommunication trope at the center of the show, viewers fell in love with Marianne and Connell.

The mini-series consists of 12 episodes that are a little over 20 minutes each, each giving viewers six hours to absorb Rooney’s complicated love story. If that series isn’t one, Hulu also adapted Rooney’s other novel, chat with friends,

“When They See Us” (2019)

Ava DuVernayA retelling of Central Park Five Story is a must. After a jogger is attacked in Central Park, five teenagers are falsely charged with the crime. Based on real events, the series follows the events of the crime from 1989 until the settlement case in 2014. It was nominated for 16 Emmy Awards in 2019 and has made a mark on the world since its release.

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With four episodes totaling five hours, there is no excuse not to watch this mini-series. It is both well acted, thought out and insightful. when they see us One Teaching Moment has been made so accessible to the masses, so it is a must-see.

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