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8 ‘Lord of the Rings’ Characters With the Saddest Backstories

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The Lord of the Rings Movies are known for their intricate lore and incredible characters with fascinating lives and adventures. From selflessly avid heroes to the worst villains – The Lord of the Rings Excels at bringing high fantasy to life.

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Movies and books are full of interesting characters and unusual creatures. even though The Lord of the Rings One of the most complex fantasy franchises ever created, many character backstories have never been discussed onscreen or outside of hardcore fan circles. Tolkien’s Elves, hobbits, orcs, and dwarves are home to some unimaginably tragic backgrounds filled with struggle and sacrifice reserved for the most skilled heroes.

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Horin’s entire family is awash with tragedy and anguish. Horin was once known as Marth and was the greatest warrior and hero of men during the First Age. Unfortunately, this is where his luck ends, as his family life is made up of nightmares and curses. He was the father of the tragic Torin and was cursed to see his son suffer for the rest of his life. Horin was captured by Morgoth and placed high on the peaks of Thangorodrim, chained to a seat where he was forced to watch over all the evil that had happened to Torin. Horin never got to see his second daughter, Nisnor, before his death, who was born in captivity.

Horin was forced to face unbearable circumstances with his children feeling guilty because he caused it partly to avert evil. Almost immediately after his release from captivity he kept his children alive for his wife to die in his arms. Horin ended his life at sea when he finally saw that all his actions had only helped Morgoth, and that he was nothing but a broken man.


Tolkien was fascinated by a notion he called the “principle of courage”, and Madhros displayed this indomitable courage perfectly. As head of his family, Madros suffered greatly under the oath of Fanor. It was an oath in which he and his six brothers swore a non-negotiable animosity against anyone who took the Silmaril.

As the eldest of Fanor’s seven sons, he was renowned for his skills as both a diplomat and a vicious warrior. Unfortunately, his life was given up to fulfill the oath, and he never got to live an existence away from it. He spent his last days with his last surviving brother, who was set to die defending his claim against Einwe and some of the Silmaril gems held by him. After burning the hands of Madhros for his “evil deeds” against Einwe, he casts himself and the Silmaril into a burning abyss and dies.


Smeagol was once a lovable hobbit with a head full of dark hair and a yearning for life. Most people know him as Gollum, the strange creature that walks around and whose name was derived from the sound of his hoarse, suffocating cough after the Ring was corrupted.

Smeagol’s life is tragic because he had the whole world ahead of him, but he is easily deceived by the One Ring. He’s certainly no hero, but this hobbit has a lot of pity. He could not resist the call of the Ring, returning repeatedly until it destroyed him and turned him into a creature that was no longer recognizable.

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Thorin II Oakenshield

Thorin was the grandson of King Thror and uncle of the beloved dwarves, Philly and Kylie. He was famous for his leadership in the Battle of the Five Armies and the successful infiltration of the kingdom down the mountain from where he and his men drove out Smaug.

Thorin’s death is one of the saddest hobbit book and Peter Jackson His enthusiasm and his passion for life are unmatched, and the only thing his heart desires is to re-establish himself as the king under the mountain. It is heartbreaking to learn that the dwarves spent their lives trying to achieve this goal, only to die in pursuit of it, along with their nephews, Philly and Kylie.


Elrond is the half-yogi god of Rivendell and the mighty elf-ruler of old. He was the father of Eladan, Elrohir and Arwen, and lived a very sad life. Although Elrond seems mostly at peace The Lord of the Rings In the movies, he eventually goes through his wife and is captured and tortured by the orcs, her brother, Elros, chooses the fate of the man, and loses his daughter, never to see her again. To watch until Arda is healed.

His younger years were also not very beautiful. His parents abandoned him when he was a young child, only for him to grow up with Magellar, whom he loved like a brother. However, they lost him to the oath. He later loses his good friend, Gil-galad, whom he was forced to see during the Last Alliance. As a young elf, she lost many homes and many important people in her life. While much of Elrond’s tragic and compelling past was abandoned The Lord of the Rings movies, their past will be at the fore power rings,

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with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power On the horizon, fans are in for a treat regarding the backstories of some of the most popular Elven characters in Tolkien’s universe. The celebrity is a famous elf whose fate is tied to that of Sauron. He will be played by Charles Edwards The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,

Celebribor’s life was full of misery while fighting at the Battle of Dagor-Nuin-Giliath and Dagor Aglareb, the latter escaping the sack of Nargothrond, and the fall of Gondolin. He became the creator of the Three Rings of Power under the guidance and manipulation of Sauron, who later betrayed him by secretly creating the One Ring. Sauron eventually invades the land of Selimbor, and the elf is captured and tortured for revealing the locations of the Lesser Rings. Tragically, Selimbor died of his own suffering; His body was hanged from a pole after being hit by arrows.


Beleg was a Sindarin elf, known as “Beleg Strongbow” for his excellent bowling. He served in the army of Elu Thingol, king of Doriath and was a constant companion of Turin Turambar. He was an elf who could not be contained and an Elven captain of great repute with high privileges.

The saddest part of his life was his loyalty to his friend Turin, which eventually became his death. Although Beleg had a life of his own, he loved his friend like a brother and never turned back from him. Not even when some criminals from Torin tortured her. Despite the abuse, Beleg refuses to leave Torin’s side and follows her in a walk. Torin was eventually captured by the Orcs, leading to the fall of Beleg. Beleg is accidentally killed by Torin when he mistook Beleg for an orc in the dark.


The Lord of the Rings The movies do a lot of damage to Denethor. They make him ruthless and cold, with endless contempt for Aragorn and mistreating his sons. But his character should be known for being a broken father over everything else. Denethor loses himself in his grief for his sons, while doing his best to save the destitute city he swore to protect.

Denethor had an unwavering loyalty to his sons and his subjects. He was not only the father of Boromir and Faramir, but he was the father of Greater Gondor as a whole. It’s incredibly sad to see him go so badly obsessed with the idea of ​​power that it consumes him and brings him to a state of ruin from which he can never recover.

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