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8 Marvel Movies and Shows to Watch Before the MCU: Phase 5

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The recent 2022 San Diego Comic-Con was a hive of excitement for fans as they unveiled the futuristic project. Unsurprisingly, Marvel Studios quickly grabbed headlines with the announcement of movies and TV shows coming out in phases, not one, but two.

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With a universe containing more than thirty-five installments (and at least two dozen more on the way) newcomers to the MCU may be overwhelmed by the amount of content they need to consume. Even longtime Marvel fans may find themselves unable to re-watch everything before the next phase begins. So for those who are pressed for time, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fan, these are the movies and series that are likely to have the most impact and connections on Phase 5.

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‘Loki’ (2021): Origins of the Multiverse

Tom Hiddleston Has been in the MCU for over a decade. Loki is the definition of a fan-favourite, and his uncanny ability to constantly fake his death has allowed Loki to return to the screen again and again. In his Disney+ series, Loki is one of several characters to test the dangerous waters of the unpredictable multiverse.

Hiddleston’s adventures credit him and Sylvie through the timeline (Sofia Di Martino) at the feet of the one who lives (Jonathan Majors) The tense encounter between the trio ends with a betrayal that causes the Multiverse to explode into existence. Viewers have yet to see the full results of that jaw-dropping bottle gourd The finale, and waiting with bated breath for the Multiverse Saga Loki 2, With a second season less than a year away, you have plenty of time to revisit all of the trickster god’s mischievous moments spread across the MCU.

Ant-Man: The Science of Time-Travel

Paul RuddKa Ant-Man has been a downtrodden in the MCU. Though he’s had his fair share of superhero team-ups and battles, his solo movies haven’t quite reached the same level as some of their counterparts. but it is likely that the Ant-Man: QuantummaniaBeginning of phase 5, will break this trend.

In Ant-Man: Quantummania, Jonathan Majors returns to the MCU to play the formidable Kang the Conqueror, and fans can only guess what havoc he’ll cause. Armed with time travel information, gathered from his travels of the Quantum Realm, Ant-Man and the Wasp (evangeline lily) be the best equipped hero to fight the infamous conqueror. As long as you wait for the epic of course quantummania To hit the theaters, you can watch ant Man And Ant-Man and the Wasp To relive the adventures of the heroes through the Quantum Realm.

Captain America: Old Mantle, New Hero

Chris EvansCaptain America has spent decades battling the evils of many worlds (except for his time as a Capsik). during the closing scenes of avengers: endgameStar-Spangled Man with a Plan’ decides to hand over his responsibility to Sam WilsonAnthony Mackie,

falcon and winter soldier The series reflects the story behind Sam’s acceptance of the weighted role of Captain America, but it must be acknowledged that Sam was a hero prior to the show. His history as both Cap’s friend and avenger made Sam one of Earth’s best defenders long before he took on a new title. with Captain America: New World Order Along the way, all projects that feature the story of both Captain America are worth revisiting.

‘Daredevil’ (2015-2018): Return of a Hero

charlie coxof Matt Murdock was introduced to the audience in 2014 brave, The blind superhero uses the law to help the people of Hell’s Kitchen by day and fights baddies trying to rule his city by night. Daredevil’s third season was supposed to be the last, leaving many fans disappointed. So when Cox cameo-ed in record-shattering Spider-Man: No Way HomeAs audiences around the world rejoiced, the hero of Hell’s Kitchen finally returned.

2022 SDCC announced Daredevil: Born Againstarring Cox’s iconic hero and Vincent D’OnofrioNotorious kingpin. Cox will also appear she hulk, For both longtime fans of the protagonist and MCU watchers unfamiliar with the blind hero, it would be wise to watch Cox’s original Daredevil series in preparation for his future performance.

‘WandaVision’ (2021): The Start of the Multiverse Era

wandavision The first of many things for the MCU was; It was the premiere Disney+ Marvel show, the start of Phase 4, and the start of the Multiverse Saga. Although the incredibly popular series hardly touched on the concept of multiple universes, it arguably has the biggest impact on Saga’s future projects.

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Wanda’s story of grief, motherhood, villainy and heroism not only reveals the full power of the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) for the MCU, but also a wealth of important characters. Monica Rambeau (Teyona Pariso) has been confirmed to be one of the stars of Phase 5 miracleAnd Katherine HannoThe villain of Agatha is all set to star in her own magic-filled show. Fans Definitely Haven’t Seen The Last Paul Bettanynor of the children of Wanda, or even of the titular witch (even after the events) variety of madnessAll of these characters, as well as Wanda’s anti-heroic actions, will have massive consequences in the next phase of the MCU.

‘Hawkeye’ (2021): Deserves for Christmas presents!

Disney+ series Hawkeye starring Hailee Steinfeld And Jeremy Renner Aired during the winter of 2021, it had a holiday atmosphere along with action and adventure. The first few episodes of this series are deceptively famous in terms of the big MCU connection. By the end of the show, though, there’s no question that Hawkeye Will be as much a catalyst for future Marvel projects as any other work from Phase 4.

Hawkeye Phase 5 is intended to bring several characters entirely into the limelight. alaqua coxKi Maya, the villain turned hero in time for the show’s finale, will star in the upcoming echo, She is engaged to the infamous kingpin, who has been promised to return. Daredevil: Born Again, Kali Maiof Yelena (Florence Pughe) also joins the holiday adventure, leaving no doubt in the minds of the audience that she will return in the future, most likely from lightning,

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Forever Saving the Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy It was initially met with skepticism by the audience. Fans feared that the story about a band of space misfits would be too wild and unpredictable for the early stages of the MCU. Viewers’ perceptions were quick to change after they saw James Gunnomovie, and now Guardians of the Galaxy are just as beloved as other Marvel heroes.

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third and final Guardians The film has been one of the movies that Marvel fans have been waiting for the most. the end of the Guardians The trilogy is, of course, set to be another epic space adventure. While heroic misfits may not return in the future, their antics across the galaxy are always worth watching, especially as you prepare for their last film.

The Marvels: Heroes of Earth and Space Collide

captain marvelsequel film, miracle, is set to hit theaters in the summer of 2023. It should come as no surprise that very little information has been shared about the film by Marvel Studios. Fortunately, the general consensus among fans is that captain marvel, wandavisionAnd Ms. Marvel There are undoubtedly three projects that will prepare you the most for the film.

The Adventures of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan (Iman Velani) Show how each character gained their powers and became a hero. The trio has some overlapping experiences that have generated theories about the plot of the upcoming film. Monica and Carol have both chatted with the Skrulls, which will be the upcoming covert attack In addition to the Disney+ series miracle, Kamala and Monica’s powers were touted as potential mutations, which has convinced many fans that mutants will soon become canon in the MCU. Most importantly, all three have a history related to space exploration and magic. After watching their projects, the audience will no doubt that the trio will be up for anything that comes their way.

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