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From Crypto to Lockjaw: The 10 Most Iconic Super-Pets in Comics

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With the abundance of comic book adaptations over the past decade, audiences have been introduced to a wide array of superheroes. MCUThe DCEU, HBO Watchmen, Prime Videos The Boys, and many other films and shows have helped build a strong era of superhero stories and characters. The superhero genre has become so popular that sometimes even lower-level and lesser-known heroes such as Shang-Chi and the Blue Beetle are telling their stories on the big screen and helping to create more diverse scenarios in the genre. Lately, we’ve noticed that some super-pets get the spotlight, too.

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with the release of DC League of Super-Pets, fans have been given his first superhero film centered on superhero pets, primarily Superman’s super-powered canine Krypto the Superdog. However, superhero pets have appeared in both animation and live-action throughout the years and have given audiences a lovable and sometimes ominous animal sidekick. Comic books have a strong history of showcasing some of the greatest super-pets, and this is a great time to take a look at some of the most iconic.

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Krypto the Superdog: Superman’s best friend

Krypto the Superdog, a Kryptonian white dog who embodies all the power of his super-powered owner Superman, is no place, or rather, a dog to begin with.

Although no one can generally understand him, Krypto is the epitome of all heroism and a desire to fight the good fight like Superman and create a Justice League of its own kind called the League of Super-Pets. Krypto has become a prolific super-pet not only for his many comic book appearances, but also for his live action appearances on the show. smallville And titans as well as starred in his own animated series and DC League of Super-PetsWhere, for better or worse, they’ve voiced Dwayne The Rock Johnson,

Lockjaw: The Inhumans Royal Pet

Although he’s basically a giant bulldog, Lockjaw is one of Marvel’s most powerful super-pets and a prominent member of the Inhumans.

To nonhumans, Lockjaw can be a strong physical threat to the team with his size and speed, but it is the glowing antennae he builds on his head that makes him truly special as it allows him to take the team out of danger. allows for. Marvel fans may remember that Lockjaw was brought to life in the short-lived in humans TV series and hopefully if Inhumans returns to the MCU, fans will be reunited with their favorite super-powered dog.

Lucky the Pizza Dog: One-Eyed Wonder

As one of the few super-pets mentioned here without any power, Lucky Pizza Dog is a fan-favorite Marvel pet often seen alongside Kate Bishop and Clint Barton.

Under the care of Kate and Clint, Lucky serves as the perfect comfort for them and gives them love and pizza after a hard day’s heroism and can even help the fight with a few quick and sharp bites . He may only have one eye and an unhealthy obsession with pizza, but Lucky is a lovable gem and fans especially love watching him. Disney+’s Hawkeye,

Lockheed: A Small, But Destructive Dragon

There are plenty of strange and powerful mutants in the ranks of the X-Men, but none are quite as unique as Lockheed, the little purple dragon who aides some notable X-Men.

Lockheed is often seen in comics as Kitty Pride’s companion and was recently spotted by viewers the new mutant Stuffed Dragon and eventually Ileana as Rasputina/Magic’s true dragon friend. Although Lockheed is small, she is incredibly powerful because her fire-breathing can be destructive, and she can even resist Professor X’s telepathy.

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Redwing: The Falcon’s High-Flying Friend

During Sam Wilson’s career as Falcon and Captain America in the comics, he had a falcon sidekick named Redwing, with whom he shared a telepathic link.

In the comics, after messing with Red Skull’s Cosmic Cube, Sam receives a telepathic link with Redwing, enabling the two to work together in battle. In the MCU, Redwing is the only mechanical robot Sam can control, but most fans remember Redwing as a real falcon who was a terror to every enemy.

Glee: Circus Monkey Becomes Superhero

As the only super-pet on this list that didn’t actually debut in the comic book, Gleick is an alien monkey who went from working for the circus to working with The Wonder Twins when he was hired by DC Animated. was introduced in the series super friends.

Along with the shape-shifting Wonder Twins, Gleek will deliver some charming animal comedy and some great power in combat because he has some increased strength and an elastic tail. Gleeq defines the classic super-tummy and remains one of the most iconic.

Old Lace: Runway Protector

Marvel’s Runaways features a strong cast of young Marvel heroes, as well as a unique super-pet in Old Lace, a mutated dinosaur that’s particularly close to Gert.

With Old Lace being created by Gert’s parents, Stacy and Dale, she is incredibly protective of Gert and even though she may not go on a lot of runaway missions, Old Lace is a great savior of the team’s hideout. In Hulu’s runway In the series, Old Lace was brought to life with his signature nose ring, and played a great part in adding an emotional arc to Gert’s story.

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Cosmo the Space Dog: A Canine Cosmonaut

Although Cosmo the Space Dog is not a pet of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he is a very close confidant on whom the group depends.

Cosmo, a former test animal for the Soviet Union who gained psionic powers during his space travels, often helps the Guardians when they travel to Nowhere after becoming chief of security. Cosmo was recently launched on Square Enix’s 2021 . was featured in a major role in Guardians of the Galaxy The game and hopefully MCU fans will be able to hear Cosmo’s Russian accent in a future Guardian adventure.

Ch’p: Tiniest Green Lantern

Ch’p is one of the most recognizable super-pets in DC lore because he is the smallest, but one of the most notable members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Like any Green Lantern, Ch’p was worthy of the Ring’s power and could wield whatever he wanted. Although he is small, he is a mighty force in the Green Lantern Corps and comes with a charming and adorable personality that fans love. Thankfully, Ch’p Also Appeared With Crypto League of Super-Petswhere he raised his voice Diego Luna,

Ace the Bat-Hound: Bruce’s Bat-Themed Best Friend

Yes, even Batman has an animal sidekick. Ace the Bat-Hound is Batman’s dependable dog sidekick who is generally matched by his dark and brooding energy and can be a huge asset in combat.

Ace has some great gadgets in his arsenal as well as some great stealth which makes him perfect to work with The Dark Knight. Like Krypto, he is a key founder of the League of Super-Pets and plays a key role in the new animated film where he voices kevin hart,

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