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From Recording Booth to Soundstage: 4 of Rihanna’s Best Film Performances

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have a lot to say about a rihanna, She is not only one of the best-selling musicians of all time, a CEO whose brands have now become a staple of the beauty and fashion industry, a trailblazer in fashion, and one of the best dressed people in history, But she’s also got a pretty solid acting career under her belt as well. Her illustrious career is something very few people get to experience, and while it’s clear she isn’t going away any time soon, her futuristic biopic is bound to hit the silver screen one day.

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While we sit patiently for another year without any news about the possibility of hearing a new album or even new songs, watching her best and most loved movie roles can make the long wait a little easier. And experience can help. Meanwhile the chops offered to the star in acting.

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‘Ocean 8’ (2018)

When it comes to the long-running, heist-film franchise of the ocean First premiering in 1960, its main attraction and enduring existence has always been the chemistry between its celebrity ensemble cast, including A-list names in the first film, such as the five members of the infamous “Rat Pack”. Are included. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter LawfordAnd Joy Bishop, The film maintains this legacy with its most recent installment of 2018, featuring an all-female cast. Sarah Paulson, Cate Blanchett, akkafina, Sandra Bullock, Anne HathawayAnd of course, many more talented stars, including rihanna,

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As far as remakes of classic film franchises are concerned, Ocean’s 8 very good and an . Follows all beats similar to of the ocean The film should ensure that even the most die-hard fan will be satisfied. Rihanna plays Nine Ball, the team’s expert hacker, who aids in a glamorous heist at the Met Gala, and masterfully captures the bouncy energy of her fellow classmates and delivers a very funny performance. Rihanna is still given ample time to shine on her own in this film, even though she’s still at her best when working with the star-studded group.

Guava Island’ (2019)

Rihanna is once again paired with a fellow celebrity in a movie childish gambinoalso known as Donald Glover and is known for his performances in the series community And atlanta, not only acted with him in music-film Guava Island but also assists behind the scenes with its story and screenplay. The film follows local Cuban celebrity Denny (Donald Glover) and his girlfriend Kofi (Rihanna), who also serves as the film’s narrator, as he attempts to organize a concert against a backdrop of political corruption. whose purpose is to work against him.

Guava Island is a creative venture for both artists and feature hits like “This is America” And “Feels Like Summer” In a thematically interesting way, even though Rihanna doesn’t get to show off her singing (seriously girl, please sing again!) she still gives a great performance and helps the film really shine. It’s short and sweet and straight to the point, making it another great addition to Rihanna’s acting repertoire.

‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ (2017)

First and foremost, Luc Besson is a creep and shouldn’t be allowed to keep making movies, and secondly, Rihanna does a fantastic job at Unlucky and Mismanaged Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It’s not necessarily a bad film, but its pace, length, and the wrong casting of the film’s protagonist really doesn’t give it any advantage and certainly added to the film’s failure at the box office and with critics. But it’s still quite engaging to watch and delivers a unique take on the science-fiction realm and still has some good moments, especially shown with Rihanna’s character, Bubble.

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We’re first introduced to Bubbles via an elaborate burlesque number that features several costume changes (seven, to be exact) and is just as fun and mesmerizing as you’d expect Rihanna to striptease, But then she reveals her true self to be a giant, shape-shifting, blue alien forced to work as an indentured servant. Rihanna’s performance gives Bubbles a sensitive depth, showing that she is not only a dancer, but also a capable and intelligent one and is still one of the only good things to come out of the film.

‘Bring It On: All Or Nothing’ (2006)

OK, so Rihanna doesn’t actually star in this movie because she plays herself, so it might be a bit of a stretch, but she’s got to call a cheer squad a “ghetto” as a cruel, privileged white girl. To tell, which is a real highlight. like all other functions bring it on In a cinematic universe, this 2006 sports-comedy film follows a high school cheerleading squad and features numerous dance dancing and cheerleading sequences, with the film ending with the characters dancing to Rihanna’s classic song, “Pon de Ripley”.

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It may not be her most accomplished work, and there’s doubts that Rihanna will, too. memory Being a part of this film, but it’s arguably her funniest role and one of the few opportunities for her to showcase her music, and also a time-capsule of the start of the star’s early career as a pop singer So it’s very emotional and nostalgic to look back on when she first started her career.

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