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It’s So Good To Be Bad: 10 Titles To Watch When You’re In The Mood For A Bad Movie

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We love our Oscar-worthy films, well-executed action flicks and franchise films. Audiences like a good movie or a bad movie. laughable is like room and anything else Mystery Science Theater 3000 Lets face it, but sometimes we need a movie that’s mind-numbing enough to keep us entertained through its pitfalls. A lot of movies have sounded so good, but were really, really bad, fooling us all.

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Viewers and critics alike have had to go down the long road of a two-hour terrifying film and never want to hear or stream that title again. On the opposite end, movie-lovers have a list of movies that are recognizably bad for a variety of reasons, but we still return to them again and again for a solid, predictable viewing experience.

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‘The Meg’ (2018)

Jason Statham In an action movie about a prehistoric shark? Sounds like a bad idea that could be a good one. Following the discovery of the Marianas Trench, a group of scientists and an expert rescue diver attempt to save the ocean from the 75-foot megalodon, the largest prehistoric shark ever to exist. The creature feature is as good as you’d expect, with Rotten Tomatoes critics and audience critics ratings in the 40% range.

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with supporting cast bingbing ltd, Rain Wilson, cliff curtisAnd Ruby Rose, mego It’s not great, but it’s tolerable to see it again during the summer. It’s a movie where you can make no plans to love it or hate it, but where you’ll get a kick out of seeing Wilson in anything else. The Office And decent statham action stunts. while we wait Meg 2: Ditch Next year, the first is available to stream on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, or free on-demand on TNT and TBS with cable TV.

‘Just Go With It’ (2011)

a rom-com installment from Adam Sandler, just go with it, It’s entertaining enough to get you through it while recognizing the worst parts of it. When Danny (Sandler) meets the so-called girl of his dreams, he finds himself caught in a lie and must fake a crumbling marriage with his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and his children are on vacation to Hawaii to find themselves back in the good qualities of their future wife.

Full of standard Sandler-esque humor, the film is rated PG-13. While RT reviewers unanimously don’t recommend this film, its saving grace is arguably their ability to keep Aniston and Sandler in control and on track during its 116-minute runtime. For those nights where you need something delicious, it doesn’t need Oscar-worthy or possibly the lowest rating, just go with it Available with a subscription to Hulu or Sling TV.

‘Dracula Untold’ (2014)

one of the first leading male roles for luke evans, Dracula Untold, did not go down well with its spin on the iconic character. In this action fantasy, Vlad (Evans) must turn to dark measures to protect his family and kingdom from Turkish forces in 15th-century Transylvania. Appreciated more by audience critics than critics, this infamous vampire origin story struggled to gain enough traction for the open-ended sequel it provided.

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If you can get through the shoddy CGI action sequences and distinctive cinematography choices, Dracula Untold There is something for most with its romantic, fantasy and action elements. While we’re always pushing Evans to do good, this movie is a hit but still a perfect choice for a “meh” movie night. It is available to stream on major platforms like HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (2015)

If reality TV was a movie, it would be a franchise. A sober college senior and a troubled billionaire meet by accident, and both of their lives are changed forever as they begin the rollercoaster of a relationship. There’s not much to miss by not reading this fifty Shades of Grey Books, because movies contain those essential elements that skyrocket the author’s publicity EL James and its characters.

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Let’s just say you can overstate the awkward onscreen chemistry between leads Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Anna and Christian. In that case, the franchise is amusing for the unrealistic parts of the plot and the general nature surrounding the popularity of the franchise. It’s not a favorite with RT critics and audience critics alike, but it’s well worth a movie marathon, with the best serving as a dose of your best love stories. The trilogy of movies is available to rent on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

‘Cowboys and Aliens’ (2011)

What happens when Happy Hogan directs a movie starring Han Solo and James Bond about aliens in the Wild West? Cowboys and Aliens Jake Lonergan finds (Daniel Craig) stumbled back into town without any memory of his identity or past, a strange machine-like handcuff around his wrist. When invaders from other worlds attack and kidnap key members of the Western City, Lonergan and Colonel Dolarhide (Harrison FordCowboys and Apache lead warriors to get back to their families.

the director Jon Favreau, Cowboys and Aliens The film is a genre-blending film that did not become a hit with the intent of moviegoers and critics alike. Favreau’s style for the well-designed action and storytelling isn’t terrible, but convincing the audience of the plot is where the trouble began. With a high-profile cast, Cowboys and Aliens As far as its creativity goes, but worth a look. You can find this exotic western streaming with a subscription to Peacock or for rental on various platforms like Amazon Prime and YouTube.

‘2012’ (2009)

It’s a film that’s hard to accept as a good film, but it’s hard not to recommend it for movie night. 2012 Promises a solid world-ending plot, but instead showed up with excellent visuals. A series of global disasters threaten the very existence of humanity, and a struggling divorcee (John CusackNothing stops to save his family. as with other notable stars woody harrelson, Chiwetel EjioforAnd thandie newton, 2012 The Mayan calendar was highly anticipated during its release in 2009 before the end of 2012.

The special effects elevate the film, but the weak screenplay and supporting theory don’t justify its long runtime of 158 minutes. When You Find the “Perfect” Disaster Movie, 2012 If you have the time it is worth a look. This beast of a movie is available with a subscription to Hulu or Sling TV and is available for rental on sites like Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

‘The Girl on the Train’ (2016)

Despite the excellent performance of emily blante, girl in train The novel failed to live up to the expectations set by adaptations such as gone girl, When a traveler believes she has witnessed the events that lead to the disappearance of a missing woman, she goes to the police, but when she begins to investigate herself, she trusts her memory. Does not happen. an adaptation of Paula Hawkins Novel, girl in train, It was not a hit with critics, moviegoers or loyal readers watching their favorite story on screen.

joined by Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, and Luke Evans, the film is a decent psychological thriller for those unfamiliar with the book. It does not hold a candle to the excellent work of the filmmakers who adapted gone girlBut it’s a solidly dark film that’s worth rewatching despite its struggles. It is available for rental on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube and other platforms.

‘Prom Night’ (2008)

A horror remake that turned out to be as tough as the original, prom night was an early debut in the horror genre for Brittany Snow, A high school student’s prom night turns deadly when a sadistic killer and former teacher returns, tormenting the young woman he is obsessed with. Far from the horror role of Snow x, prom night A relatively well-known slasher film with a PG-13 rating.

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Original 1980 film starring Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis Felt normal to critics and fans, and the remake followed suit. If you are a movie watcher who is afraid of mild scares and faint jumps, then this movie is for you. It skirts around the standard tropes of a teen slasher film, dialing back on the gore and sexual content. For those streamers in the in-between mood when it comes to “bad horror movies,” prom night Available with subscription on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV and The Roku Channel.

‘Tag’ (2018)

What could possibly go wrong when a group of middle-aged men continue the longest running game of tag? Based on an article published in wall street journal, a group of friends meet every year to continue their annual game of tag, risking almost everything to win. This year comes the game raising the stakes during the wedding of the group’s undefeated player. With a large cast of personalities, surname Doesn’t bring much essence to the screen.

The ensemble includes ed helms, john hummo, Jeremy Renner, Hannibal BuressAnd Jake Johnson As the central taggers of the film. While the humor is borderline and stands right in front of the line, the premise takes the audience back to childhood and the intensity that comes with a game of tag. A fine movie for a night out with friends, surname Available to watch via rental on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Apple TV.

‘This Is Where I Leave You’ (2014)

never reaches its full potential, this is where i leave you One misses out on executing its simple plot with an acclaimed cast. With the death of his father calling him back home, four siblings (Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey, And Corey Stoll) must face their past and present as they sit with their grieving mother for a week (Jane FondaThe film fell victim to the curse of the ensemble cast and was bombarded with critics from RT critics and audiences alike.

With huge hits in the lead and supporting cast, the film leaves a lot to be desired. This is a solid family drama for a night where you need to be reminded that there’s probably a family out there that takes the cake for most problems. this is where i leave you still maintains his heart and dignity despite his issues (such as the film’s Altman family). It’s available to stream with a Hulu, HBO Max or The Roku Channel subscription.

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