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Mr Malcolm’s List trailer presents a romantic comedy for period drama fans

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Bleacher Street has released a new trailer for Mr Malcolm’s List, is an upcoming period drama about a normal wife who takes revenge on the bachelor who rejected her. Based on the novel of the same name Susan AllenThe film follows the story of two enemies who become lovers while they try to fight against their passions.

Trailer introduces us to Selina Dalton (freida pinto), a woman who is happy with her bachelor life and does not intend to marry anytime soon. However, this may change when Selina receives a letter from her friend, Julia Theslawite (zave ashton), invited him to London. As it turns out, Julia was rejected by London’s most prestigious bachelor Mr. Malcolm (pẹ́ durisi), after failing to meet an item on your list of unbelievable needs for a bride. Julia feels humiliated by the denial and requests Selina’s help to seek revenge. Therefore, Julia asks Selina to seduce Mr. Malcolm, pretending to be her perfect match, to leave him when he is already in love.

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Selina agrees to cheat on Mr. Malcolm, but the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that he is not the cold-hearted man everyone thinks he is. Instead, Mr. Malcolm is intelligent, affectionate, and actually uses his list as a shield because he is afraid to give his heart to a woman who might break it. So, as Mr. Malcolm falls in love with Selina, the young woman also develops feelings for her target. This means that Selina will face a difficult choice between helping her friend or forming a relationship with Mr. Malcolm.

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Mr Malcolm’s List is directed by Emma Holly Jones From a script by Ellen. stars in the movie Oliver Jackson-Cohen, ashley parkAnd theo james, Mr Malcolm’s List The good times have come, because we just finished season 2 bridgerton, and Season 3 is still a long way from being released. So, the more romantic period dramas we have to fill this hole in our hearts, the better.

Mr Malcolm’s List Will hit theaters on July 1. Watch the new trailer below:

here is the gist for it Mr Malcolm’s List,

When she fails to meet an item on her list of needs for a bride, Julia Theslawite (Zawe Ashton) is shocked by London’s most eligible bachelor, Mr. Malcolm (Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù). Feeling humiliated and determined to seek revenge, she convinces her friend Selina Dalton (Freida Pinto) to play her perfect match. Soon, Mr. Malcolm wonders whether he has found the right woman…or the right cheat.

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