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Take the Night trailer shows the prank kidnapping was horribly wrong

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What is the best birthday gift you can give to your sibling? a good watch? Maybe take them to a fancy dinner? Or how about kidnapping? Saban Films shared the trailer for this wild concept exclusively with Our Source take the night Is A wild thriller that centers around a mischievous crime. The story describes this unconventional birthday “present” that … surprise, surprise, goes terribly wrong. Saban Films has also given Our Source permission to reveal the theatrical and digital releases of the upcoming film, which are July 8 and 12, respectively.

The trailer reveals that Robert Chang (Sam Song Liu) is in no mood to celebrate his 25th birthday, as the company he inherited from his late father takes a deep financial dive, which could put him in dire straits. It doesn’t bother William (Roy Huang), who decides to prank his brother with a fake birthday kidnapping. The trouble is, when you invite a group of criminals to fake-kidnap a billionaire, you should know they won’t follow your rules—especially when they ask to pay upfront.

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Although it’s easy to imagine things going south take the night, the trailer reveals, twists and turns await as the plot evolves from curious to dangerous. Also, it is interesting to see the funny brother enter crisis mode as he learns that he has unknowingly taken the sibling rivalry to a whole other level. How can he control the evil criminals and save his brother? And what if he can’t?

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take the night feature film debut of Seth McTig, who previously directed short films. In his debut, he worked as a director, screenwriter, and producer. He also stars as a member of a kidnapping gang. Described as an “inventive, sharp crime thriller”, take the night McTeague’s feature film career may have had a bold start, and based on the concept and trailer, it’s safe to say that the new director has the talent to captivate audiences’ interests.

stars in the movie Ashwin Gorre ,9-1-1, Brennan Keel Cook ,love you to Death, shomari love ,chio, Antonio Aaron ,Diminuendo), And grace serrano ,hummingbird,

Saban Films premiere take the night In theaters July 8. Four days later, on July 12, the film will premiere on digital.

You can watch the trailer and check out the poster below:

Check out the official summary here:

An inventive, edgy crime thriller, ‘Take the Night’ is a twisted tale of sibling rivalry and family secrets. An elaborate surprise birthday stunt quickly leads to dark places when career criminals hired to stage a fake kidnapping. Big Brother William secures a crew to stage the fake kidnapping of his brother Robert. But the crew has their own plans. Brothers should keep aside the rivalry of their siblings if they want to save the fortune of the family.

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