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The 10 Best Zombie-Comedies Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes

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since George A. Romero kick-started the genre with night of the Living DeadThe zombie has been a horror staple. As more and more comedy has been applied to the horror genre over time, giving rise to the horror-comedy sub-genre, zombies have become a popular target for those looking to get some laughs. Maybe it’s his slow nature or his singular focus to feast on the mind that makes him perfect for comic material.

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Zombie comedy has become an enduring part of the horror genre in recent decades, so much so that it’s even more surprising when a simple zombie movie is released. The following films are not only the best reviewed zombie comedies, but are also considered by some as ranking among the greatest horror comedies of all time.

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‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead’ (2014) RT Score: 81%

The sequel to the cult classic Norwegian film, dead snow 2 Begins where the origin ends. The only survivor of a zombie invasion that killed his friends, Martin attempts to thwart the undead army as it descends on a nearby town while dealing with a new zombie arm.

packing in more laughs than its predecessor, dead snow 2 There are plenty of great moments, including a zombie tank attack on a small village. In addition to the zombie squad, led by a trio of nerdy Americans martin starAdds a new perspective that expands this sequel from the smaller scope of the original film.

dead snow 2 Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock and Tubi.

‘Warm Bodies’ (2013) RT Score: 82%

zombie style answer dusk, warm bodies Swap sparkly vampires for slaves in love. result in zombie r after a skirmish (Nicholas Hoult) feast on Julie (Teresa Palmer) In the lover’s mind, he starts getting attracted towards the new woman. As this attraction grows, R feels himself more alive.

warm bodies Despite the incredible premise, it avoids the pitfalls of other sad YA romance adaptations by offering a love story that feels real. Hoult and Palmer are great as the two leads and their chemistry helps sell the surprisingly sweet romance between star-crossed lovers.

warm bodies Available to stream on HBO Max.

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‘Juan of the Dead’ (2011) RT Score: 83%

a zombie comedy from Cuba, Juan of the Dead Titanic follows Juan, a forty-year-old slacker. Along with their best friend Lazzaro, the pair become embroiled in small talk around their town. When zombies suddenly disrupt their lifestyle, Juan takes advantage of the situation by starting his own zombie-killing business in an effort to make quick money.

Despite his absurd humor and larger-than-life characters, Juan of the Dead Presents political subtext under his deadpan mask. This is reflected in the plot when the Castro government declares a zombie invasion to be nothing more than rioting dissidents, who doom the civilians they are meant to protect.

‘Night of the Living Deb’ (2015) RT Score: 88%

What could be worse than an embarrassing walk of shame the morning after a drunken hook-up? Doing this in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. When the kind but awkward Deb has a one-night stand with the hottest guy in town, the date runs late as the pair must work together to escape the growing undead crowd.

Started life as a Kickstarter project, Night of the Living DebThe creators of K exceeded the funding required to make their zom-rom-com. The resulting film is a funny and sweet take on the crowded zombie genre, offering an oddly relatable story that will appeal to both horror and romance fans.

Night of the Living Deb Available to stream on Tubi.

‘Zombieland’ (2009) RT Score: 89%

Part zombie movie, part road trip comedy, Zombieland Follows four mismatched survivors in a zombie apocalypse as they are forced to rely on each other to survive. Hostile at the beginning, the four strangers soon realize that the family is not who you belong to, but rather those who have not yet been eaten.

stressed by a great cast led by woody harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse EisenbergAnd Abigail Breslin, ZombielandIts smart and funny script provides a lot of memorable moments and one-liners. Bill Murray Also featured in an extraordinary scene which is one of the best cameos of cinema.

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‘Dead Alive’ (1992) RT Score: 89%

Bursting with crazy comedy and gross practical effects Peter Jackson first cut his teeth Lord of the Rings, dead alive ,brain dead in some countries) is a gore lover’s dream. When his overbearing mother is bitten by an alien rat-monkey, Lionel’s efforts to control his zombification result in his small New Zealand town being overrun by the undead.

A film that never takes itself too seriously, dead alive Peppers on violence as zombies and humans in equally creative ways. The film held the record for being the bloodiest for a long time, after which it was surpassed eval dead remake.

‘The Return of the Living Dead’ (1985) RT Score: 91%

Seen as a more punk rock take on Romero’s bleak zombie movies, return of the living dead There’s a party full of mind-eating ghouls, heavy music, and ample paramedics. When two warehouse workers accidentally leave a secret chemical in a nearby cemetery, the dead rise from their graves to feast on juvenile delinquents partying there.

return of the living dead Remains one of the most iconic zombie films and has had four sequels. While a comedy filled with lots of quotable lines, the film still remains quite scary during its more sinister moments, which eventually lead to the end.

return of the living dead Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Shudder and Tubi.

‘Shaun of the Dead’ (2004) RT Score: 92%

original zom-rom-com, dropping out As perfect as a movie can be. When his longtime girlfriend leaves him, the sluggish Sean decides to accompany his best friend Ed and win her back. The only problem is that London is hit with a zombie outbreak, threatening the lives of Sean and everyone he loves.

a modern masterpiece, dropping out That is the pinnacle for which many zombie comedies aspire. The film launched the careers of stars, with cameos from many well-known faces in British film and television. Simon Pegg And nick frost, Despite his impressive filmography, the film director remains edgar wrightThe Best.

dropping out Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Evil Dead II’ (1987) RT Score: 95%

Although it has always been debated if eval dead Actually a zombie movie, Deadites has close enough in the undead zone to make it on this list. reboot of previous movie, Evil Dead II Finds the great Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) dealing with a new wave of deadites after the re-emergence of the Necronomicon in that famous cabin in the woods.

Skipping the more serious horror take of the first film, this sequel instead dials up the gore, throwing in an abundance of crazy humor. With more Ash scenes alone, the film becomes a showcase for Campbell’s lesser talents, whether it’s losing a fight to himself or giving himself up.

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‘One Cut Off The Dead’ (2017) RT Score: 100%

An absolute gem from Japan, a cut of the dead Follows the cast and crew of the low-budget zombie film. When real zombies attack the set, the unsuspecting director orders his subordinates to continue filming no matter what, leading to one of the most insane and inventive zombie movies in years.

a cut of the dead There are many layers beyond its initial aspect, and exploring these wonders is a major part of the film. It all comes together to create an unforgettable experience and the best fun to be found in the zombie genre. pom!

a cut of the dead Available to stream on Shudder and AMC+.

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