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The 10 Worst (and Funniest) Movies Covered on MST3K, Ranked

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One of the most famous cult television shows in television history Mystery Science Theater 3000, They are ruthlessly mocked while watching movies with a story of men kidnapped by mad scientists and a group of intelligent robots coerced into watching bad movies. All the movies featured in the show are genuine and absolutely horrifying.

RELATED: From ‘Plan 9’ to ‘Birdemic’: The worst movies like ‘The Room’ But there are a few movies on the show that really stuck. Those are movies that became cult classics in their own right because of how bad they were. Movies that pushed the limits of how bad movies can be. Movies that were so terrifying had to be believed. Thankfully, the audience laughed at a boy and his robot friends to help ease the pain and relax.

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‘Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders’ (1996)

its poster and title Ernest Borgnine– Narrated Movie A casual viewer might think it is a fun, whimsical fantasy film for children. But anyone who’s seen the movie will know right away that it’s actually a fictional horror film, divided into two sections: one about a man who uses Merlin’s book of magic and the other about a murderous monkey. About toys.

Mike and the Bots make fun of this disturbing bait-and-switch during sketches of the show, in which Ernest Borgnine’s terrifying collection of children’s stories is a popular attraction among fans.

‘Robot Monster’ (1953)

The film was featured in the first season of the show and was the perfect choice for one of the first subjects. Mankind has come under the control of an evil creature from outer space. Or rather, the power of a man in a gorilla suit with a fish bowl laden with antennae on his head, which emits soap bubbles named Ro-Man.

RELATED: 10 Science-Fiction Movies From the 1950s That Are Still Relevant Today He attempts to kill the last eight survivors as they hide from the climactic arrival of the monster, its evil masters, and stock footage. It’s classic B-level science fiction, with laughably bad special effects, characters that make silly decisions, and perhaps the least intimidating movie monster in history.

“Hobgoblins” (1988)

One sub-genre that has helped MST3K garner widespread attention is the good old mock-busters – movies that attempt to cash in on popular movies to make quick bucks. Perhaps one of the more famous people included in the show was hobgoblins,

knock itgremlins centers on alien beings who cause trouble by fulfilling people’s basic desires – then use the imagery against a person and kill them. Unfortunately, despite the film trying to balance horror and humor, the monsters aren’t very scary, and the romantic comedy is unfounded.

“The Creeping Terror” (1964)

Yet another hilarious science fiction schlock-fest about a creature that randomly starts eating people in order to collect its unseen alien masters. Constructed in less than legal circumstances, this disaster of horrors mixes poor sound with overuse of narration, subplots that are quickly set up and abandoned as fast, and a slow-moving Titanic monster that makes such a move. Looks like it was made from someone’s garage.

The creature is said to lose any real danger as Mike and the bots laugh at its poor design and the fact that it has to wait until its prey is close to it before it can actually start eating them. Can’t go

‘Mac and Me’ (1988)

If hobgoblins What seemed like a cheap knockoff, looks like the most original movie ever made. A young boy whose name begins with E befriends a lost alien and has to hide it from the authorities while helping him to reconnect with his family. Know known?

but while ET: The Extra-Terrestrialwas one of the most emotional film scores in history and a heart-confirming friendship between two people from two different worlds, mac and me There’s a dance sequence at McDonald’s. least Paul Rudd There has been a lot of benefit from this garbage-fest.

‘Michelle’ (1975)

It was the last episode to feature original host Joel, and it was the perfect film to end their history-making race. Michelle is an action piece about an antisocial, rule-breaking cop taking over the criminal system who is both desperate to get an R rating and still looks like it was filmed for late night television. was.

Joel and the Bots make some of their best riffs with it, mercilessly mocking the lead actor’s performance, shouting out the film’s title in spontaneous moments like they’re in a trailer, and are collectively intimidated by the film’s love scene.

“Jack Frost” (1965)

also known as father Frost, Jack Frost is a film that attempts to combine many aspects of Russian folklore, from Baba Yaga to Ivan the Fool. But, of course, Mike and Bot are completely unaware of the context (the crow’s knowledge of Russian culture is limited. Rocky IV), so for him and the viewing audience, the film turns out to be a complete mind boggling.

It’s a really quirky mix of disjointed make-up, overly hammy performances and confusing story beats. But, of course, the film made for an entertaining time, as fans believe it to be quite entertaining, with or without the commentary.

‘Bride of the Monster’ (1955)

About terrible filmmakers, no one is more infamous Ed Wood, His films are notorious for being poorly received even after they were made, yet they have a strange kind of charm that’s hard to resist.

RELATED: The Best of Ed Wood’s Worst Movies In Bride of the Monster, Woods Muse and Vampire Legend Bela Lugosi Take on the role of a mad doctor carrying out experiments involving the dead and his demonic assistant, Lobo. Everything else is a climax of bad acting, pointless stock footage, and a laugh-out-loud fake octopus. Simply put, this is Ed Wood at his finest.

“Santa Claus” (1959)

whereas Santa Claus conquered Mars The more infamous holiday movie shown on MST3K, the worse this movie is arguably. As the title implies, Santa Claus is a Mexican children’s film about Santa Claus (who else?) fighting like a devil to corrupt the children of the world.

In this film, Santa has a castle full of un-worthy children in outer space, has Merlin of all people as his magical assistant, and fights demons. It should all be awesome, but the film’s cheap beauty and poor English dubbing bring it down a lot.

‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’ (1966)

It’s such a bad movie that even the lunatics apologize to Joel and the Bots for it. It has an avalanche of poorly dubbed lines, a redundant and self-repetitive script, and cinematography that makes every frame, as Joel puts it, “look like someone’s last known picture.”

It follows the story of a family that is lost on their journey to Valley Lodge, who come to a house run by a mysterious and sinister cult that includes beautiful women, a mean dog, and a lame, big-kneed man (or satire) whose name is Torgo. The episode proved to be so popular that Torgo himself became a recurring character for many of the show’s sketches.

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