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The 10 Worst Walt Disney Animation Studio Movies According to IMDB

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Although the Walt Disney Company has released hundreds of animated films over the years, only those released under the Walt Disney Animation Studios banner are considered Disney classics. it was founded by vault And Roy O Disney in 1923, making it the longest-running animation studio in the world. The studio would produce short cartoons in the 20s and 30s before releasing its first animated film in 1937. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

This November, Walt Disney Animation Studios will release its sixty-first film, strange world, Although often associated with high-quality animation and compelling storylines, not all Disney movies are met with critics or audiences. Be it bad timing or behind-the-scenes interference, there’s something about these movies that even the toughest Disney fans see elsewhere.

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10: Oliver & Company (6.6 stars)

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based on Oliver Twist By Charles DickensIn New York City, an orphaned kitten named Oliver is taken in by a pack of street dogs. He tries to help them steal for their master so that he can pay off the debt, but is taken over by a lonely rich girl. Oliver is torn between the two families, and things take a turn for the worse when the loan shark goes after the girl to pay a ransom.

While the film has some good music and a cool design for New York City, it doesn’t offer anything new to this classic story and makes little use of animal characters. Upon release, it was out-grossed by Vishwas at the box office. don bluthsthe land Before Time. However, it made more money domestically, which would help contribute to the Disney renaissance.

9. Dinosaur (6.4 stars)Aldar and his lemur family survived a meteor shower in Disney's Dinosaurs.

Disney’s first computer-generated film tells the story of Aldar, an iguanodon whose egg was taken too far from its nest and adopted by a family of lemurs. As they grow up, their island home is destroyed in a meteor shower, forcing them and the survivors to move to the mainland. They join a herd of dinosaurs traveling to barren deserts to reach their nesting grounds.

RELATED: The 7 Best Movies About Dinosaurs, From the Friendliest to the DeadliestThe opening scene of Aldar’s egg traveling across the landscape was used as the film’s trailer and the rest was majestic, it will be remembered better. CGI is a pretty good catch, and scores by James Newton Howard One of the greatest of any Disney movie. Unfortunately, the film relies on chronological jokes and tells a story that left the audience wanting more.

8. Fun and Fancy-Free (6.4 Stars)Willie the Giant from Fun and Fancy Free

Disney Animation was struggling because of the war in the 1940s. The loss of the overseas market meant that he had to cut costs by merging several film ideas into single films and tying loose plots together. fun and fancy-free Jimmy tells a story about a circus bear and Mickey, Donald, and Goofy reunite Jack and the Beanstalk using crickets and puppets. Edgar Bergen as a framing device.

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While the scenes with Jiminy, Bergen, and their puppets can be jarring, the individual stories aren’t too bad. They are still animated well, and this film will be the last time Walt Disney will voice Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, with so many of Disney’s better movies that tell full stories, you’re better off looking at the shorts individually than watching them together.

7. Black Cauldron (6.3 stars)Horned king with black cauldron on some stone steps.

this customization The Chronicles of Prydan By Lloyd Alexander It is about a boy named Taran who dreams of a great life as a warrior. One day, while daydreaming, he loses a pig with prophetic powers to the ministers of the evil horned king. The villain hopes to use Pig’s powers to locate an artifact that will allow him to summon an army of undead warriors.

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This was the film that nearly ended Disney Animation in 1985. Although it has gained some status as a cult classic, it suffers from overly dark tones, generic storylines, and an unfocused storyline, with twelve minutes being cut from the final product. it was so bad The Care Bears Movie It did better at the box office.

6. The Three Caballeros (6.3 stars)Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistol in The Three Caballeros

during the administration of the President Franklin D. Roosevelt, The United States wanted to improve its relations with Latin and South America. He hired Disney to release two films to assist him in the process. Another saw Donald Duck teaming up with the Brazilian parrot Jose Carioca and the Mexican rooster, the Panchito Pistol, calling himself the Three Caballeros.

The film is a mixed bag when it comes to content. It is one of the first films to mix live-action and animation, and many of the shorts are fun, especially near the beginning. However, the film overtakes its reception and quickly loses the focus of its story, with Donald trying to make out with human women in the third act and an awkward sequence involving dancing cacti.

5. Make My Music (6.2 Stars)make my music

Many of Disney’s animators enlisted in the military during World War II, which left the studio with dozens of projects and not enough people. Walt found a way around this by turning the ideas into shorts, which he would combine with music. imagination, But with contemporary tunes, voice acting and narration. Ten of these shorts were released as make my music

There are many funny shorts in this movie, like “Join all the cats,”“Peter and the Wolf” And “Mighty Casey Up to Bat.” However, the film has been edited several times due to concerns about some, such as “The Martins and the Coys.” To date, the film is also the only film in Disney’s animated canon that is not available on Disney+.

4. Melody Time (6.2 stars)Donald Duck and Arakuan Bird from Melody Time

following the same trend make my music melody time Combines many unfinished concepts in a single film. This time it’s just seven shorts, which allowed the film’s team to make them good more consistently. It is also the last Disney Animation Studios film to feature Donald Duck and Jose Carioca.

melody timeThere are few more memorable shits than its predecessor. there are two standouts “The Legend of Johnny Appleseed” And “Pecos Bill,” who tell the stories of American folk heroes. The rest of the shorts are fun, but they feel lacking in comparison to Disney’s story-driven ventures.

3. Saludos Amigos (6.1 stars)Airplane Pedro from Saludos Amigos

It is the first film of the wartime era launched by the US government as part of the Good Neighbor Policy. Through four short films starring Donald, Goofy and Pedro the Airplane, it explores the cultures and landscapes of South America to educate American audiences. It also marks the first appearance of a Brazilian parrot, José Carioca.

Like the Three Caballeros before it, saludos amigos A good intention but a failed execution, especially in today’s digital media age. The shorts are fun, especially Goofy learning how to be a gaucho, but there are only four of them. If you want to watch it, this movie is the shortest Disney movie ever made, at only forty-two minutes long.

2. Chicken Little (5.7 stars)chicken Little

from the director of The Emperor’s New Groove Comes the story of Chicken Little, who is ridiculed by the community for thinking the sky is falling. A year later, he rebuilt his reputation by joining his city’s baseball team and becoming a star player. However, he was right about things falling from the sky, as he and his friends soon discover a lost alien child.

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Despite being the second highest grossing film of 2005, chicken Little Probably the meanest movie Disney has ever made. The people of the city are vicious towards this poor child and accept him only when he eats in their narrowness. The worst character in the film is his father, who is ready to throw his son under the bus if it means saving face, yet the film gives us hope that these two will make it to the end.

1. Home on the Range (5.3 stars)

rosen burrow Plays the role of a cow named Maggie, which is sold to a farm after the infamous cattle thief, Almeida Slim, ruins it. When the sheriff arrives to tell his new owner that he has three days to pay off his debt or lose his land, Maggie convinces two other cows to help capture the bandit and claim his reward. . They must compete with the sheriff’s horse, who wants to capture Slim in order to impress his idol, a local bounty hunter.

Compared to other animated films, home on the Range Thanks for the beautiful animation and the occasional good lyrics. However, when compared to Disney, it’s a joke, with flat characters, lots of cow jokes, and a story that’s trying to be a grand western but is held back by Disney executives. has been taken. The studio won’t release another 2D animated film until the Princess and the Frog, Which has given the film an unfair reputation as the death of traditional animation.

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