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The 7 Best Greek Mythology Adaptations Worth Watching

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Legends and tales of Greek mythology have always existed in the modern world, and their stories have had a lasting impact on mainstream media and the entertainment industry. Zeus, the mighty god, almost-to-be-mighty deity, and heroes of ancient Greece, has been gripping Hollywood and other entertainment industries for decades.

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Books based on myths that become movies and original television series, original films, classic films that are once again recreated, original plays, award-winning Broadway musicals, and more – Greek mythology never leaves. However, which ones are worth seeing is a mystery.

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“Black Orpheus” (1959)

A bit old film, but impressive. black orpheus An impressive retelling of the famous Orpheus and Eurydice myth. The film follows young lovers Orpheu and Eurydice as they wander about different communities in Rio during carnival season and try to escape a hitman dressed like Death.

It is also known that the film introduced bossa nova, a style of samba, to the world with soundtracks by young Brazilian musicians.

‘Troy’ (2004)

Troy is an action/adventure film based on Homer Iliad, The film depicts the war between Troy and Sparta. Trojan Prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) falls for Helen, the wife of King Menelaus (Diane Kruger), and takes him back to Troy.

King Agamemnon (legendary) Brian Cox), Menelaus’ brother, declares war on Troy, and thus the famous war is shown through the attack on Troy.

brad pitt The film also starred as Achilles, an acclaimed warrior and tragic hero. For fans of the more war-like and war-themed Greek mythology adaptations, Troy is a good option.

‘Clash of the Titans’ (1981)

the original clash of the Titans Follows Perseus (harry hamlin), favorite son of the god Zeus (Sir Laurence Olivier) However, Perseus called the sea goddess Thetis (Dame Maggie Smith) is quite angry with her, and he only intensifies the situation by falling in love with Andromeda (Judy Bowker), the woman who was to marry the son of Thetis.

Now, he must go on a quest against formidable enemies (like Medusa, for example) to save Andromeda. the original clash of the Titans A classic watch from the 1980s!

‘Clash of the Titans’ (2010)

2010 remake clash of the Titans The film has a very general meaning of the same plot, but there are major differences. Firstly, the film is more intense in terms of action. The film is very war-heavy. However, the most notable difference is the fact that Paatal Lok (Ralph Fiennes) is now the main villain and not Thetis.

While the decision to make Hades the main villain was a bit odd, Hollywood simply interprets Hades as a villain better in terms of profits. Also, Fiennes did a remarkable job and created a very dangerous Hades. For a more action-packed and updated adventure, the 2010 edition of clash of the Titans is a great watch.

‘Hercules’ (1997)

classic disney movie super strong man Tells the story of the Greek hero Hercules (Disney chose to name a Roman equivalent instead). Hades has a dark plan to free the Titans to help them reclaim power at Olympus. Hercules, a god born to Zeus and stolen to Earth in an unsuccessful attempt to take away his powers, is the only thing in Hades’ way.

Since Hercules was raised among mortals, he is not sure where he is from. When he learns that he is a god, he trains with Phil, a satirist, before beginning the journey home, saving Meg from Hades, and eventually saving Olympus from Hades’ plans. . The film is a perfect Disney classic for the family and features many memorable songs and characters. Reportedly, it was announced that Disney would be making a live-action Hercules in the future.

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‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’ (2010)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief based on books by Rick Riordan And the first installment. Although die-hard fans of the book series may not have really enjoyed the film due to its large plot gaps and major differences from the book, the film still had a strong impact on the younger generation. The film follows Percy (Logan Lerman), a troubled teenager who gets swept up in Camp Half-Blood (a training ground for the children of the gods) when he learns that he is Poseidon’s son.

To stop a feud between the gods over Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt, he travels to the underworld to face Hades. Once again, the film is quite different from the book, but nonetheless, it is an entertaining watch. More recently, Disney+ announced that they are making a new (and more precisely with Riordan as a producer) Percy Jackson series.

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“Class of Titans” (series, 2005)

class of titans A 2000s children’s television series that brings back nostalgia. The animated series follows 7 teens of some of the most powerful gods and heroes of Greek mythology: Achilles, Aphrodite, Hercules and Odysseus (to name a few).

After being imprisoned for more than 4,000 years, he is called to New Olympia to stop the evil Cronus, one of the avenging Titans. The series can be entertaining for younger kids who like old cartoons, or even adults looking for a throwback series!

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