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The 9 Best Russo Brothers Projects to Watch After ‘The Gray Man’

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gray manbest hits from russo brothers, debuted on Netflix two weeks ago and has been a huge hit ever since. the movie is like this Ryan Gosling As a detective named Sierra Six, who is on the run after stealing important information from his boss and being chased by a ruthless mercenary Lloyd Hanson (Chris Evans,

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Despite being Netflix’s second most popular film of 2022, gray man Not the best work of the Rousseau brothers. Thus, for more suspense and action with some of their signature trademarks, viewers can check out the following Rousseau brothers’ productions, along with a few more quiet respectable mentions.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ ​​(2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Russo was the brothers’ first project in the MCU, establishing their name in this cinematic universe. Rousseau’s first MCU film is much more than a simple superhero flick; It is an intense detective thriller that tells one of the most sophisticated tales of the genre. The film follows Captain America’s (Chris Evans) quest to uncover a secret plot against the US government and rescue his childhood friend, whom he had died, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan,

the winter Soldier It received high marks in critical reviews for its complex plot, thrilling fight sequences and brilliant acting, making it a memorable experience for audiences. Additionally, the audience appreciates the espionage and thriller aspect that permeates the entire narrative.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2016)

The Rousseau brothers followed the winter SoldierVijay after two years with the release of captain america civil warthird installment in American captain Voting. After one of their operations causes significant civilian casualties, the Avengers are forced to comply with sanctions by the United Nations. The Sokovia Accords split the team into rival sides, led by Captain America and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.,

With its plot and action components, civil war followed the same format as the winter Soldier, receiving almost equal praise. Without wasting time, The Rossos created a fast-paced, high-powered action thriller that brought together almost all of the MCU’s superheroes up to that point. apart from this, civil war Shows how talented and adaptable The Roses are at producing a film with an overwhelming number of characters, paving the way for much larger efforts in the future.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2018)

after the great success of civil warThe MCU chose the Russo brothers to run the following two avengers films, the first of which was Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers must stop Thanos at all costs infinity war Because when the mad titan successfully collects all six Infinity Stones, all his goals are accomplished.

Although infinity war Under great pressure to bring together a huge cast of characters and wrap up so many unfinished subplots from MCU movies over the years, it excelled on almost every level and gave audiences one of the most thrilling movies ever.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019)

The universe is starting to reassemble itself in the wake of Thanos’ victory avengers: endgame, Most people’s lives have been destroyed, but the Avengers develop a strategy that could give them a remote chance to undo Thanos’ achievement. endgame The film is the most important of the first three MCU phases, boasting a storyline of ten years.

endgame Nostalgic and dynamic as the Rousseau brothers were able to turn a film that was originally made for kids into something more than just a superhero movie. The film is a classic love letter and tribute to the comic book makers Stan Lee, jack kirby, Steve DitkoAnd the rest of his team, as well as comic book fans around the world, with a lot of indescribable emotions.

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“Cherry” (2021)

cherry at the center tom holland As the title character, Joe notices a startling change in himself as he descends into addiction after returning from a battle with PTSD. cherry It was one of the Russo brothers’ most controversial projects and the first to direct after their time on the MCU.

The Russos had unrestricted creative flexibility as the rigid narrative and format of the MCU were absent, resulting in cherrySeveral unusual storytelling choices that made it relatively inaccessible to many filmmakers. Nevertheless, Ross successfully presented Cherry’s struggles thanks to an excellent performance from Hollande.

‘Welcome to Collinwood’ (2002)

featured a team of inexperienced thieves and misfits from the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland as they attempt a significant heist from a jeweler’s vault, welcome to collinwood One of the first films of the Rousseau brothers.

Due to its light-hearted, carefree tone, the film received moderately positive but largely mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike. The film also solidifies Russo’s position in the business as writers of chaotic but lovable and accessible characters. Sam RockwellJoe plays one of the lead characters in the film, delivering a lively and engaging main performance that sets the film apart from many other comparable storylines in the genre.

extraction Follows a mercenary (Chris Hemsworth) is hired by a global crime lord who is tasked with searching and rescuing the crime lord’s kidnapped son. graphic novel Ciudad The story is inspired by some adaptations from the Rousseau brothers.

extraction Netflix has a mediocre addition to its catalog. Still, Hemsworth shines as a formidable hero, and Ross once again demonstrates his ability to handle a film heavy on action and tension. What it lacks in a compelling plot, the film makes up for with satisfying action sequences.

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‘arrested Development’

Before becoming a part of the biggest film franchise of all time, the Russo brothers were involved in critically acclaimed comedy sitcoms. arrested Development, where he acted as a director in several episodes. The sitcom follows The Bluths, a dysfunctional formerly prosperous family.

Many directors find it challenging to combine physical and visual humor well, but Russo seems to have mastered the craft. arrested Development, Additionally, it demonstrates that his talent is not limited to the action and thriller sub-genres, but shines in comic and sitcoms as well.

The Russo brothers not only directed a few episodes arrested Development but also sitcoms communitywhich takes place at a community college in the fictional Colorado town of Greendale.

Although it has a great outfit community Cast, while demonstrating his familiarity with making MCU movies, Ross managed to advance the plot of every character while maintaining the humor. Furthermore, character development can be difficult to convey in comedic contexts, but Ros succeeds in this endeavor, thanks to his expertise in visual humour, which is also clearly evident in his current work.

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