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The Top 10 Greatest Villains in ‘Big Brother’ History

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What makes a great TV villain? They can be some of the most manipulative, cunning and strategic players, but sometimes, it makes them the most fun to watch. Just because someone plays a villain on TV doesn’t always make them a bad person. several elder brother Villains are well-liked by their fellow cast members, others, not so much.

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elder brother There have been many villains during its 24 seasons and some of them have even won, despite their obvious role as the antagonist. Often, he is hated by the other house guests, but is loved by the audience for his strategic gameplay.

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Dr. Will Kirby – BB2 & 7

Dr. Will Kirby is original elder brother villain. He is one of the most charming, intelligent and manipulative players of all time. He was able to manipulate and deceive the other guests of the house and even asked all of them to go on a fast, to give him an advantage.

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He uses appearances to get ahead in the game, throws every contest (unless there is money involved), and famously tells the whole house that he hates them. all stars But still no vote was found to evict. He won season 2 and almost reached the end of all stars,

Dan Ghisling – BB10 & 14

Dan Ghisling Considered by many to be one of the best players to have ever competed. Dan won his first season and then returned as a coach in season 14 where he came in second. Ghisling used manipulative tactics to get ahead in the game and made promises to everyone despite having no intention of keeping them. He hurt a lot of people, yet somehow managed to mend them and get them by his side.

His most famous villainous acts include hosting his own funeral to trick the house into thinking he has given up, and receiving Danielle Murphy To turn around and oust her lover just to use the veto on her. Dan had a combination of charm and cut-throat flair which was always a lot of fun to watch.

Jesse Goderz – BB10 & 11

Some loved, some hated, no doubt bodybuilder Jesse Goderzo He made his mark in the show. He was narcissistic and charismatic, which allowed him to use other houseguests to do his bidding.

After going 10th for the first time, Jesse’s alliance was completely shattered when he was blindsided, proving just how much power he had over them. He was brought back for season 11 and finished 11th. He is a very popular villain, having continued to return for cameos such as “Mr. Pec-Tacular” in Season 17.

“Evel” Dick Donato – BB8

Nicknamed “Eval” Dick by his fellow house guests, dick donato Was constantly protesting and scolding other players. He’s Truly One of the Most Iconic Villains elder brother History and fans have very mixed opinions about him. Overall, he was a fan favorite during his season for being a bad boy with a soft spot for his daughter, dani donatoWith whom he was trying to have a relationship.

Many of Dick’s actions were intentional in order to make himself a villain and keep his daughter safe. In the end, Dick and Dani both made it to the final two and, despite Dick telling half the jury that he didn’t think either of them deserved to be in the finale, they voted for him to win and Donato. ended his season on top.

Rachel Reilly – BB12 & 13

Rachel Reilly His raucous laughter and non-stop crying angered everyone in the house. She was also outspoken, known to be floaters, and played the game hard, which led to frequent fights with her fellow house guests. Fans sometimes resented her, but they praised her strategic gameplay and ability to win competitions, as well as her performance/strong relationship with her now-husband. Brendan Villegas.

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She finished 9th in her first season, becoming the first jury member, but was able to win it all when she returned with Brendan in season 13. He is considered one of the greatest physical players in the show’s history, having won every endurance competition. was played in.

Amanda Zuckerman – BB15

Amanda Zuckerman She is considered one of the most villainous women to ever play the game. She was known for having late night battles over shaking the pot and a glass of red wine. Amanda was actually a master manipulator, hurling insults at other contestants and sometimes making racist remarks behind their backs. Despite this, Amanda and McCray Olson controlled the game until their alliance broke down and Amanda went home in 7th place.

She took to the stage after being evicted to a mixed crowd reaction. Half of them were cheering, the other half were cheering. big brother 15 It is considered one of the most controversial seasons of the show, with Amanda being one of the season’s many villains.

Paul Abrahamian – BB18 & 19

Paul Abrahamian Maybe his first. be based elder brother The season around friendship, but at times, they got heated, as was shown when he called Michelle a rude name in BB18. As a returning player in BB19, he had to change his strategy and become the puppet master/villain of the entire season.

Paul made it to the finals but lost both his seasons by only one vote. His villainous status comes from his ability to manipulate and puppet other houseguests and start fights, or at least lead them, without looking like the bad guy. Paul often turned the other players against each other, and often pretended to be loyal to everyone, all the while planning the players’ downfall.

Jess Wiry – BB5 & 7

Jess Wiry He was the head of a coalition of four horsemen, and he played the game openly and honestly, which at times made him a villain. He often came across as cocky and arrogant, even taunting other players during endurance. Other house guests called him a “devil in disguise” because of his ability to get under everyone’s skin.

When he returned he tried to be less of a villain all stars But still some houseguests showed their cards by refusing to say goodbye to the pre-jury. He lost his temper when he learned that he was leaving through the back door, it was clear that he had not changed.

Danielle Reyes – BB3 & 7

Danielle Reyes, aka “Black Widow” is one of the best players elder brother History, which did not win. This is because the jury was not separated at that time, and they found out about all his manipulative tactics by looking through the rooms of his diary. She was kind and helpful to her other house guests, but came across as cold-blooded and cutthroat in the diary room, revealing all her manipulative plans and counting how many players were left.

His most famous villainous moment was when he betrayed his closest ally Marcellus Reynolds, He was evicted after being convinced not to use the veto. The jurors find him cocky and do not want to reward him, which has now changed the game forever, and the jurors are separated before the finale.

Mike “Boogie” Malin – BB2, 7 & 14

mike malin He was one of the original villains along with his partner in crime, Will Kirby. The two formed the famous “Chilltown” alliance, where they would often plot and plan against other house guests and laugh about it in the diary room. Mike was nothing short of a villain in BB2 as Will emerged as the main antagonist of the season, but when Mike returned all starsHe didn’t lag behind.

In all the seasons he competed in, he was always manipulating and plotting against the other houseguests. In perhaps his most villainous act, he was killed Erica Landin Along and pretended to be interested in her, making it clear to the audience that she had no feelings for him. Despite this, he won the S7 and even returned to the BB14 as a coach.

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