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‘The Walking Dead’: 9 Best Negan Quotes

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after your days divine, Jeffrey Dean Morgan took the world the walking dead from the storm when he joined the hit AMC Show as Negan, the primary villain of Season 6, who committed some of the most brutal murders in the show’s history.

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In recent seasons, Negan has become more redeemable, revealing his softer sides and always swooning in to save the lives of the beloved group. But whether it’s in the tone of a villain or a moment of enlightenment, Negan has always been known for some of the best quotes on the show.

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“Suck, isn’t it? The moment you realize you don’t know sh*t.”

The word s-dash-dash-dash is probably the most commonly used term in Negan’s vocabulary, especially in the early days of his arrival in Alexandria. Sometimes it is used as a mean of wise man, and sometimes it is combined with some words of wisdom.

In this case, during the season 6 finale titled “Last Days on Earth”, when Negan stands over the group, taunting them with his barbed bat Lucille, as they kneel to the ground in front of him, He sees Rick with his signature. And say, “Suck, right? The moment you realize you don’t know shit.”

“I never know which eye I should be looking at.”

Negan has made a habit of innocently mocking the group for things like their illnesses or their looks. He often lashed out at her over the injuries caused by her apocalypse, whether humiliating or teasing.

In the Season 9 episode titled “Evolution,” it was while Negan was still a prisoner in Alexandria that he slayed this hilarious one-liner. Talking with Father Gabriel—who previously lost an eye after killing himself in Walker’s blood with Negan to escape a swarm—Negan ignores and chuckles at Gabriel’s attempt to help. , “I’m sorry, I never know which eye I am. I must see.”

“It’s Gonna Be P-P Pants City Here’s Real Soon!”

Morgan offered a lot of Negan-isms in “Last Day on Earth”, despite Glenn and Abraham being put to death in the next episode. This hilarious line includes “peeing your pants” after the group mentions what Negan has planned for them.

Climbing over them with Lucille in hand, Negan exclaims, “We’re peeing in our pants yet? H boy, do I feel like we’re getting closer. It’s going to be pee-pee pants town soon.” Will happen!” Negan then asks, “Which of you leaders prick you?” In his typical dry-witted tone.

“No one ever thinks they’re evil.”

He may do many unforgivable things, but Negan is never wrong. He made it clear during a conversation with Michonne in the season 9 episode “The Storm” that he ultimately did something that both the characters and the audience thought about the group for a long time.

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“Nobody ever thinks they’re evil,” Negan told Michonne. This is true for both Negan and Rick’s group, who felt they were entitled to do what they did – for Rick’s group to shut down The Saviors and for Negan to retaliate by killing two of Rick’s men. To action.

“Lucille is thirsty… she’s a vampire bat!”

The Season 7 premiere, titled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”, picked up right where Season 6 ended—the group fell to their knees with the Lucille-clad Negan standing in front of them, taking her ready for revenge. But despite the devastation of the episode, Negan managed to tell a joke.

After beating Glenn as his beloved bat went round until he was a speck of blood on the ground, Negan made himself, turning to the group and quipping, “Lucille is thirsty.. .He’s a vampire bat!”

“Is that you, Rick? Underneath all that man Bush? Sh*t, I’m not messed with that guy!”

Negan has somehow always been a source of trauma and comedy. The Walking Dead, Makes the audience laugh one second and fear for their favorite characters in the next life. In the Season 7 episode “Service”, Negan is a perfect example of this when he visits Alexandria.

After watching the video of a bearded Rick, which was recorded on Deanna’s camera, Negan manages to both quip and taunt, “Is that you, Rick? Under that guy’s bush? Sh*t.” I don’t mess with that guy!

“You have the same stinky eye as your dad — except it’s only half as good, because you know, you’re missing an eye.”

Of everyone in Rick’s group, Negan had the most interesting relationship with Carl. Whether it was because Carl was a kid or because he was never afraid of Negan, there was something about Rick’s son that Negan always respected.

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But that didn’t mean he was immune to Negan’s humiliation. When he spends some time with the one-eyed Carl in the Season 7 episode “Sing Me a Song”, he takes an innocent dig at Carl, saying, “You have the same stinky eyes as your father — except That it’s only half good, cause, you know, you lack one eye.”

“I can’t be the only one to notice that you’ve got a fat lady to keep track of rations, can I?”

It’s problematic for TV shows and movies to make a person’s weight the center of a joke, but back during Season 7. The Walking Dead, It was no surprise that it was Negan, out of all people, to do this.

It was when Negan met Olivia, the woman in charge of rationing food and guns, Negan said an almost word-for-word quote from his comic book counterpart, “I just can’t be the one to notice that you got fat. The lady in charge of tracking the rations, can I?”

“I thought we were having a moment, you little a**hole!”

Despite his hidden love for Carl, whom he had always held deeply, Negan still had moments of anger with the teen, including a thrilling moment from the Season 8 episode “How It’s Gotta Be Negan had one of the best lines. in the history of the character.

Acting as a distraction for Negan to escape the Alexandrian, Carl tries heart-to-heart, asking, “Was it supposed to be this way? Is that what you wanted to be?” But when Negan learns that the Alexandrians have fled, he exclaims, “Was that just a play? I thought we were having a moment, you little a**hole!”

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