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Vikrant Rona trailer teases the adventurous Indian spectacle of Kichcha Sudeepa

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The film will release in five Indian languages ​​as well as English, Russian, Arabic, German and Mandarin.

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The first trailer of the wild looking Indian action-adventure film vikrant cry Unveiled on Thursday. starring Kichha Sudeepa—popularly known anonymously sudeepThe film is being touted as a 3D experience at a time when the format has lost its appeal across the globe. modeling after Indiana Jones movies (with a sign tomb Raider And unsolved video games thrown) vikrant cry The latest in a recent new wave of visual effects is heavy Indian films aimed at audiences from diverse nations.

The nearly three-minute trailer begins with a woman telling the story of a cursed village, known only as Satan. “It was a land everyone was afraid of,” she says, but then came a man who had no fear—Vikrant cried. He arrives aboard an old-timey boat, wearing a dusty leather jacket, smoking a cigar, and wielding an old handgun.

As Vikrant appears to be a cross between a hardened detective and a whipping adventurer, Vikrant sets out to investigate mysterious events in the cursed village. His investigation inevitably leads him to Satan. After showing a glimpse of the motorcycle action already made in the jungle, the trailer teases a few rain fight sequences that seem to have been inspired by them. wong kar-wai‘s Grandmaster, It is eventually revealed that Shaitan and Vikrant may be the same person.

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Although vikrant cry What is being sold as a “Pan-Indian” film, features talent that primarily works in the Kannada language industry, which is located in the southern state of Karnataka. India is home to many thriving film industries beyond Bollywood, which is the common name used for the Hindi language industry based in the city of Mumbai. But lately—especially after the pandemic—many South Indian films have been heading north. recent telugu language movie RRRFor example, not only was it a hit all over India, but traveled all over the world. In fact, a sequel to the Kannada language KGF: Chapter 2 It was an even bigger hit domestically.

the director Anoop Bhandari, vikrant cry stars too Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, And Neeta Ashok, You can watch the original Kannada language trailer here. Trailers have also been released in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. The film will additionally get Arabic, German, Russian and Mandarin releases. vikrant cry Theatrically scheduled to take place on July 28.

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