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Geeta Bali did love marriage to Shammi Kapoor

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Geeta Bali-(Instagram #geetabali)

Geeta Bali did love marriage to Shammi Kapoor, died of smallpox, Boney Kapoor still pays tribute in this way

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The films ‘Abla Jeevan Hi, Tumhari Yeh Kahani, Aachal Mein Hain Doodh Aur Aankh Mein Paani’ in Maithilisharan Gupta’s epic ‘Yashodhara’ were heavily exploited by the films. Once upon a time, there were a lot of films in which heroines would have to face a mountain of sorrow and most of the reels were wet with their tears.

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After independence, Nargis, Madhubala, Suraiya, Nalini Jaywant etc. were overshadowed by the same kind of patient and serious characters. In the same period, Geeta Bali emerged with a beautiful style of acting. An easygoing, playful and cool girl from Punjab who knows how to be cool. 

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Innocent flirtatiousness of Rita Hayworth in Hollywood films at that time and Geeta Bali’s effortless acting was the biggest attraction in the Bollywood films. She was called Tomboy. Regardless of the hero, Geeta Bali was enough for the film’s success.

Most movies with Dev Anand
As a director, Gurudutt introduced Geeta Bali (she had appeared in several films before) in her debut film Baazi alongside Dev Anand, a fast rising star of that era.

Although the film’s heroine was Kalpana Karthik, Dev Anand’s jugalbandi with waving co-heroine Geeta Bali on ‘Tadbir se bigdi takdeer bana le’ and ‘Suno gajar kya gaaye’ captivated the audience more. The pair later came together in ‘Jaal’, ‘Jaljala’, ‘Ferry’, ‘Farrar’, ‘Milap’ and ‘Pocketmar’. Geeta Bali was also the heroine of Gurudutt’s first film, Baaz as an actor.

Only the character to choose the film
For Geeta Bali, the choice of the film was just the character. She never cared who the hero is. The song that their pair made in ‘Albela’ with Bhagwan Dada was the songs of this film ‘Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote’, ‘Shola Jo Bhadke Dil Mera Dhadke’, ‘Sham Dhale Khidki Tale’, ‘Dheere se Aa Ja Ri Ankhian Mein and ‘Kismat ki hava kabhi naram kabhi garam’ are still resonating today. Her other films include ‘Ye raat ye chandni phir kahan’ (trap), ‘Chup – chup khade ho jaroor koi baat hai’ (Badi Bahen), ‘Hum pyaar mein jalne valon ko’ (jailer), ‘Sari-sari raat teri Yaad Sataay ‘(Aji Bus Shukriya),’ Chanda Mama Door Ke ‘(vachan) like this songs also narrate stories of her golden era.

Ashok Kumar said…
‘Suhaag Raat’ with Bharat Bhushan, ‘Anand Math’ with Prithviraj Kapoor, ‘Bavre Nain’ with Raj Kapoor and ‘Miss Coca Cola’ with Shammi Kapoor are also notable films by Geeta Bali. Ashok Kumar, who has worked in many films with her, once said- ‘I have not seen a natural actress like Geeta Bali. Seeing her in any role did not make it seem like she is acting. Working with her meant nothing less than a challenge.

Surinder Kapoor, father of Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor, was once Geeta Bali’s secretary. Later each of his films as a producer began with a tribute to Geeta Bali. After Surinder Kapoor, this tradition is still being played by Boney Kapoor.

Rajender Singh Bedi’s ‘Rano’ remains incomplete
Geeta Bali remained active in films even after her love marriage to Shammi Kapoor in 1955. ‘Rano’ remained incomplete since his death on 21 January 1965 after being hit by smallpox. This film was being produced by Rajinder Singh Bedi on his novel Ek Chadar Maili-si. This is the story of Rano, a married Punjabi woman who has to marry her brother-in-law Mangal, according to the village ritual after her husband’s death. Mangal who she had raised as a child.

Rajinder Singh Bedi believed that no actress other than Geeta Bali could do justice to the character of Rano. Dharmendra was playing the character of Mangal in ‘Rano’. It is said that the name of Rajesh Khanna, who was struggling to get into films in those days, was also considered. After Geeta Bali’s death, Bedi submitted his novel to her funeral pyre and closed the film. Two years after Bedi’s death (1984), director Sukhwant Dhadha made ‘Ek Chadar Maili-Si’ on this novel with Hema Malini and Rishi Kapoor.

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