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Gene Tierney and her tragic life story : Gene Tierney used to wear make-up to hide her beauty: went mad with depression; When given 21 shocks, lost her memory and became salesgirl in a clothing store.

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Gene Tierney and her tragic life story

Often you must have heard examples of dark eyes like lake blue or ocean for heroines in films. This example of beauty fits perfectly on a Hollywood actress. His name was Gene Tierney. Gene Tierney, who came in films in the 1940s, was so beautiful that she had to wear make-up to hide her beauty in many films.

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Due to his blue eyes and sharp features, Gene Tierney got very easy work in films. She was from a rich family and her father was against appearing in films. After a few films, she became the top actress. Oscar nominations were also received. One drawback was his voice. Gene Tierney’s voice was very thin, to bring heaviness in it, some friends suggested that she start smoking cigarettes. Gene Tierney started smoking so much that she became a chainsmoker. She went into depression due to this addiction.

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US President John F. He had an affair with Kennedy, but could not get married. Gene Tierney’s personal life was not easy. When her daughter was born mentally weak due to a virus infection, she went into more depression and went mad. For treatment, 21 electric shocks were given, due to which he lost his memory.

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The top actress became such a condition that she forgot her past and became a salesgirl at a clothing store. Some fans recognized her in that shop, then people came to know that the world’s most beautiful actress in her time was living the life of a salesgirl. Gene Tierney married twice, had an affair and had two children, but she could not come out of her depression for the rest of her life.

In today’s Asunsi Dastane, the story of Hollywood’s most beautiful actress Gene Tierney Tierney….

The beauty was such that the films were found

Born in a famous family, Gene Tierney studied in Switzerland. Gene Tierney was given a comfortable life full of every comfort since childhood. She was unaware of the deceit of the world. Once Gene Tierney went on a family vacation to her aunt in California. Gene Tierney’s aunt used to produce short films for Warner Brothers.

Once Gene Tierney also went to Warner Brothers studio with Auntie, where 6 Oscar winning director Gordon Hollingshed, impressed by her beauty, offered her a film. When Gene Tierney’s parents came to know about this, there was an uproar in the house.

Gene Tierney’s father did not want her to appear in films, as it was not good for her social status. Also, the earning here was very less. When Gene Tierney was adamant to appear in films, she was supported by her mother. After some time even the father had to bow down to his stubbornness. Gene Tierney got work in the first few plays, where her beauty was discussed more than her acting.

Seeing the beauty of Gene Tierney, 20 Century Fox Studio signed a contract with her. He made his Hollywood debut playing a supporting role in the first film The Return of Frank James (1940).

Gene Tierney received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for the 1945 film Leave Her to Heaven. Gene started getting popularity by continuously giving hit films, but the upheaval of personal life started affecting his career badly.

Used makeup to hide beauty

Gene Tierney and her life story

Gene Tierney was so beautiful that she was given only high standard roles. When filmmakers had to show her as a common girl, her beauty was reduced through makeup.

Smoked cigarette to make voice heavy, got addicted

Gene Tierney’s voice always used to be childish. He used to think that his voice was similar to that of the cartoon character Minnie Mouse. In such a situation, he started smoking cigarettes at the time of shooting of the first film to bring heaviness in his voice. In no time, Gene Tierney had become a chainsmoker.

Wanted to marry a married man, father opposed

Gene Tierney and fashion designer Oleg Cassini fell in love while working in films. At this time Gene Tierney was just 20 years old, while Oleg was already married at 28. When Gene Tierney’s family came to know about this relationship, they flatly refused, but Gene Tierney went against them and got married on June 1, 1941.

Mentally born daughter due to fan’s carelessness

Gene Tierney became pregnant in 1943. During her pregnancy, Gene Tierney came in contact with a fan who had rubella (German smallpox). Gene Tierney herself got infected as soon as she came in contact and her pregnancy was badly affected. When the condition worsened, Gene Tierney had to undergo premature delivery in Washington. Gene Tierney was badly broken by this accident.

In 1948, Gene Tierney gave birth to a second daughter, Christina, but her estrangement from her husband began to grow due to depression. In the same year both of them got divorced. After some time, the two started living together again, but when Gene Tierney’s condition worsened, Oleg left her alone in 1952.

Relationship with John F. Kennedy

After separating from her husband, Gene Tierney’s relationship with John F. Kennedy, who became the President of America. Gene Tierney was deeply in love with John, but John refused to marry her for politics. As a result, their relationship ended within a year. After breaking up with Gene Tierney, John F. Kennedy’s name was also linked to Marilyn Monroe.

The engagement was broken with Aga Khan’s son

After breaking up with John, Prince Ali Khan entered Gene Tierney’s life. He was the son of Aga Khan-3 of the Royal Family, the 48th Imam. In 1952, Gene Tierney became engaged to Prince Ali, but her father, the Aga Khan, was not happy with the relationship and opposed it. Prince Ali had broken off the engagement with Gene Tierney for the sake of her father, which further pushed her into depression.

Gene Tierney was in depression, used to behave strangely on the sets

Gene Tierney and her tragic life story : Gene Tierney used to wear make-up to hide her beauty: went mad with depression; When given 21 shocks, lost her memory and became salesgirl in a clothing store.

Gene Tierney went into shock due to daughter’s condition and break of three relationships. Due to the shock, Gene Tierney could not concentrate on her films. When Gene Tierney started behaving strangely on the set, even the directors started getting worried.

His condition worsened in 1953. Gene Tierney was fired from the film Mogambo. She was then working with actor Humphrey Bogart in the film The Left Hand of God. Humphrey’s sister Frances was also a mental patient, so he sympathized with Gene Tierney. He wanted Gene Tierney to take his mental condition seriously and get it medically treated.

21 shocks given to correct mental condition

Gene Tierney was admitted to the hospital in New York for treatment, after which she was sent to another hospital. Gene Tierney’s condition was so critical that 21 shocks were given to control her. These shocks were given for his deep depression, although this did not improve his condition. Once during the treatment, Gene Tierney even tried to run away from the hospital, but he was caught and kept in the hospital again. This time the security was further tightened.

Gene Tierney was about to die by jumping from the 14th floor

One night in 1957, Gene Tierney went to her mother’s house in Manhattan. She lived on the 14th floor. Suddenly Gene Tierney climbed on the balcony of the 14th floor with the intention of suicide. She stood there thinking something for about 20 minutes. The mother immediately informed the police as soon as she saw him. The situation was brought under control for 20 minutes, but now people around him understood that he was in dire need of treatment. The mother got Gene Tierney admitted to the hospital.

Away from the glamor world, she became a modest salesgirl

After recovering from treatment, Gene Tierney was completely away from the glamor world. Gene Tierney, who lived a luxurious childhood and became one of Hollywood’s top actresses, started working as a modest sales girl in a clothing store.

When a fan saw it, it became the headline of newspapers

One day a man reached that clothes shop, who recognized his favorite actress Gene Tierney on sight. That fan informed the media and from the next day every newspaper started publishing the news of Gene Tierney. Gene and his condition were discussed.

As soon as the news of Gene reached 20 Fox Century Studios, the people of the studio contacted him. The production house offered him the film Holiday for Lovers. Gene Tierney, who was already leading a tight life, agreed to this. When she felt pressured to work in the film, she left the film and then came to the psychiatrist.

After recovering, Gene Tierney made a strong comeback in films with Advise and Consent (1962). Since then, Gene Tierney started getting offers for big films continuously. He also continued to act in films. After his return, Gene Tierney was appreciated for his performance.

Second marriage to oil businessman

In 1958, Gene Tierney met Howard Lee, a Texas oil baron. He became friends with Howard. In 1960, both got married and started living an anonymous life in Houston, Texas.

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