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I will throw acid on you – Fan was trying to throw acid on Dilip Kumar, wrote a letter to the actor and told the reason – Entrendz Showbizz

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A fan tried to throw acid on Dilip Kumar. In this regard, the fan wrote a letter to the actor and also told the reason.

Bollywood’s famous actor Dilip Kumar has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his films and his style. Dilip Kumar made his debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Jwar Bhata’ and after that he appeared in many hit films. Although the actor has many fans, but he also had a fan who tried to throw acid on him. Not only this, Fan had also sent a letter to Dilip Kumar in this regard, in which he had told the reason for throwing acid.

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This thing related to Dilip Kumar was revealed in 70 mm with Rahul. According to the show, the person who tried to throw acid on Dilip Kumar was named Mohammad Yasin Chandiwala. He was a resident of Delhi and wanted to do this to come in the eyes of Dilip Kumar.

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Explaining the first reason for throwing acid on Dilip Kumar, the fan had said that he should not have kept his Hindu name. The second reason the man had given was that Dilip Kumar keeps relationships with Muslim women and ruins their lives. The person had given his third reason that Dilip should help that person.

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Actually the parents of that fan lived in Pakistan and he was stuck in India. He wanted Dilip Kumar to help him to go to Pakistan. Dilip Kumar also gave an interview to the press regarding this matter. However, the actor did not take the person’s words very seriously.

According to the report, this letter was received by a friend of Mohammad Yasin and he informed the police about this. After this, the police had increased security outside Dilip Kumar’s Pali Hill bungalow. The police had started guarding outside his house. But after some time Dilip Kumar refused to do this to the policemen and even came outside to say goodbye to them. But the man was standing outside his bungalow carrying a bottle of acid.

However, the police caught sight of him and they caught the man. Along with the police man, Dilip Kumar was also brought to the police station for questioning. There the actor asked the man why he wanted to do this. But he started crying and was unable to speak anything.

By Entrendz Showbizz.

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