Friday, May 27, 2022
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5 Times actress Tina Datta made netizens ‘Laugh Out Loud’ – Entrendz Showbizz

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Humor and comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone who gets it undoubtedly nails it. Where social media is bombarded with fakeness and negativity, actress Tina Datta is turning out to be a reason for several netizens out there to smile and laugh. 

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The Uttaran actress is spreading laughs effortlessly with her social media content, and trust us you too would laugh out loud! Check below a few reels of hers that proves Tina to be the new Comedy Queen in the tinsel town…

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Re-creating a Day to Day situation, that a lot of us have guilty pleasure in doing.

Who doesn’t check themselves out in front of a CCTV Camera? A thrill kinda moment.

Personifying how one could look 2 days after a salon treatment.

Every Mother would’ve done this and the children are proud of doing this every time… Just Kidding! We love all MOMs


That single friend who gives love advices? Haha Pyaar Ke Funde and the twist!

Well, we must say the girl has got some good taste of humor..

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