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A girl dealing with anxiety wins sympathy & Shalin Bhanot gets 'fake' remarks, netizens point out a brutal reality!

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Every year, Bigg Boss house has one such character that sparks the maximum controversies with instigation & this year, Archana Gautam is keeping up to the tradition. But last night’s episode was nothing like we have seen in the past. Archana almost burnt Priyanka as she ferociously lifted a pan with boiling water kept by Vikas for his tea to throw it away. Shalin Bhanot who’s a friend to Vikas & Priyanka didn’t like the verbal spat that almost turned physical & got a panic attack requesting Bigg Boss to take out Archana before she attempted another act of violence.

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Archana hurled some personal remarks towards Shalin as well that further broke him & he got teary eyed. But that’s not it. The infamous ‘Mandali’ sneakily discussed & called Shalin’s outburst at fake. Previously Nimrit, a key member of the ‘Mandali’ gang had a similar episode of panic attack & the whole house rushed to her & rallied around her offering support.

We wonder why the same reaction wasn’t vetted out towards Shalin, is it because he’s a man & men cannot cry as per popular opinion. This incident opens up the hypocrisy & pseudo feminism that exists in our country clearly. While Nimrit won sympathy for her issue, the same Shalin has been mocked & called an actor for doing so. Even previously Shalin has broken down on few occasions when his heart has been heavy changing the narrative that men can cry & show their emotional side.

We wonder if the narrative in our country will ever change. But fans are observing everything & they have called out the hypocrisy & also the insensitivity of other contestants towards Shalin!

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