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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai fame Rakesh Bedi recalls being stuck in a landslide, injured his finger – deets inside

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Veteran film and television actor Rakesh Bedi is known for his notable work in the entertainment industry. He took to Instagram and shared that he was stuck in a landslide in Himachal Pradesh. In the video, he revealed that he was stuck in the landslide. He also shared that he had broken his finger as he tried to remove a boulder that was blocking the way.

Rakesh Bedi shares he was stuck in a landslide in Himachal Pradesh

The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actor took to his Instagram handle and dropped a video sharing the incident and captioned it, “When I was stuck in a landslide in Himachal.”

In the video he has said, “You must be seeing what is happening in Shimla and Uttarakhand. Major landslides are happening and mountains are falling, destroying the roads and pathways, and have destroyed the cars as well. I had visited Solan two weeks ago to conduct an acting lecture. So, when I was coming out, I came to know that the main highway is blocked due to the landslide. So, somebody said there is a pathway and you can go ahead from there.”

The actor adds, “When I went through that pathway, the landslide occurred there also and a huge boulder fell right in front of my car. I’m thankful that it did not fell onto my car. When I tried to move the boulder, the rock moved a bit ahead but it came back rolling onto my finger. So, my finger had a very bad cut, and now it has healed a bit. If the injury had been a bit bigger, I would have lost my finger. So, I stood there for a very long time. The JCB machine came and cleared the road.”

Further, in the video, he went on to express his concern for all those who were stuck in the mountains. Along with this, the actor also prays for the safety of the people.

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