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Bharti Singh reveals the REAL REASON behind reducing her fees by 50 percent

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Comedian Bharti Singh is one of the popular stars in Television. She has been working in the industry for a while now but even she suffered pay-cut during COVID-19. During the pandemic, several actors suffered pay cuts and Bharti was one of them. Speaking about the same, she recently spoke about how the pandemic affected her remuneration. However, Bharti said that she is not okay if the production not giving 25% of her fees.

Bharti Singh on suffering pay cut

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During an interview with HT, Bharti said, “Ever since the pandemic hit us, budgets of the shows have really been affected. And that has happened in all the industries. But no artiste would be fine if they are not paid what they deserve. Agar main jo charge karti thi, uska 25% bhi nahi doge aap, toh fir kaam nahi ho ho payega.

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But if you ask me to give 26 days in a month to a show, and I am not even being paid well for it, I would prefer to take a step back. Because main bhi apne bacche ko 12 hours ghar par chhod kar aaungi. I need to be paid for my work,” Bharti asserted.

Bharti talks about her professional life

Singh further said that even though she suffers a 50% cut, she will give her 100% to her work. Bharti said, “I don’t say things like, ‘Main 1 lac leti thi, par ab 50 hazaar le rahi hu toh 6 ki jagah 3 jokes hi maarungi. Once I go on the stage, I don’t even remember for how long I’ve been asked to perform or how much I’ve been paid. Live shows mein mujhe rokna padta hai because I’m not someone who follows the script. So, I never ever complain about overtime also,” she mentions, pointing at artistes who sometimes fight when asked to work for a couple of hours extra than the decided slot.”

Bharti Singh is currently enjoying her motherhood phase after the arrival of her son Laksh. She was a part of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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