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Charu Asopa on suffering anxiety & not breastfeeding for the initial 6-7 days – Entrendz Showbizz

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Actor Charu Asopa is now enjoying motherhood in the best possible way. However, just like every mother, the initial few days of pregnancy were extremely tough for the actor. 

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In a recent interview with ETimes TV, Asopa talked about her emotions on first seeing her daughter, shedding extra kilos after pregnancy, breastfeeding and a lot more. About her not getting breast milk and the struggle, she said, “I started crying looking at her because she was very tiny. She was very small. As I gave birth to Ziana by C section, there was no immediate lactation. I couldn’t breastfeed her immediately as I was not getting the milk. I started stressing over it because I was not getting breast milk. People around me were telling me it’s fine, it will come in three-four days but in my case it took longer. There was no breast milk for 6-7 days. I was very stressed about it and on the other hand doctors would ask me not to stress.”

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She added, “I couldn’t control the stress and everyday I had anxiety attack and I would keep thinking about it. Kya main Ziana ko breast milk de nahi paaungi kya. But then it started and it was a relief. So during my initial phase after delivery, especially the first month, I was under a lot of anxiety. There are so many hormonal changes in your body especially during the first few weeks after delivery. Those moments are very isolating, aap ke andar itni saari cheezein Badal rahi hoti hai… it does get difficult to handle things.”

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On workout and shedding kilos, she said, “I didn’t take up the workout immediately. Doctors had advised me that I should start working out after 60 days and I started after 2 months with some light weight. I don’t diet at all and just did light weight exercises. I eat everything. I’ve completed six months and now I’ll start working out full fledged because I’ll get back to work in the near future also. I don’t stress about gaining some extra kilos.”

Talking about learning from sister-in-law Sushmita Sen, she said, “I share an amazing bond with my mother-in-law. In fact she keeps pushing me to workout. She tells me to go for a daily massage so that my arms are in the right shape. She keeps motivating me and she’s amazing. I’ve three amazing women in my life, my mother, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I learn from them on a regular basis. I’ve learnt from my sister-in-law Sushmita didi how well she has raised her two daughters despite being alone. She makes me believe that a woman can do anything in life.”

We hope the journey to happiness and health for her family continues.

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