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EXCLUSIVE: Archana Gautam’s brother SLAMS Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta’s relationship

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As Bigg Boss 16 is seeing family week, all the contestants’ family members or their loved ones are entering the house to meet and support them. Having said that, Archana Gautam who is one of the strongest contenders got to meet her brother Gulshan Gautam in the BB16 house. After having an emotional yet fun meet and greet session, Bollywood Bubble got in touch with him for a small candid chat where he spoke about her journey and slammed Shalin and Tina.

Gulshan on Shalin and Tina’s relationship:

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During a candid chat, Gulshan was asked if the relationship between Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta is fake, he sort of slammed the duo as he termed it to be 100 per cent fake. Gulshan told us, “Fake hai na, 100% fake hai, wo real nahi hai bilkul bhi.” (They are fake, 100% fake, they are not at all real.) For the unversed, a lot has been said and written about the relationship between Shalin and Tina. Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 16, they have become a hot thing, all thanks to their close bond that’s been portrayed on national television.

Gulshan on Archana’s journey in Bigg Boss 16:

Archana has managed to impress the audience with her bindass and carefree attitude. In fact, she is one of the entertainers of BB16 as she is often seen leaving her co-contestants in splits. When asked if she is the same at her own home, Gulshan said that she is exactly the same as she is in the Salman Khan house.

Archana Gautam’s brother Gulshan told us, “Jo aap TV mein dekh rahe ho wo bilkul bindaas, chulbuli hai. Kuch bhi fake nahi hai. Aap jaise dekh rahe ho, toh dikh jata hai ki kon fake kar raha hai ya nahi kar raha hai, kon real hai ya kon nahi hai. Wo saaf dih raha hai ki kuch bhi fake nahi kar rahi hai, wo dikh raha hai ki mast kar rahi hai aur maza aaraha hai dekhne mein aur wo apna best kar rahi hai, matlab apne dil se kar rahi hai. Bigg Boss wo set nahi samjh rahi hai, uska ghar samaj rahi hai aur wo ye nahi samjh rahi hai wo kaam se aayi hai waha, wo jaise ghar pe rehti hai na waise hi hai. Usko koi tension nahi wo aise hi rehti hai mast.

(Whatever you’re seeing on the TV, she is exactly the same in the house, cheerful and carefree. Nothing is fake. One will understand who is faking it and who is real. She is pure-hearted and nothing is fake about her. It is been seen that she is amazing and people are enjoying seeing her on TV as Archana is giving her best. Archana is not treating the Bigg Boss house as a set but as her own house, and she is not thinking that she is here for a job. She is enjoying her stay and not taking any tension.)

Watch the full interview of Gulshan Gautam:

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