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EXCLUSIVE: Dalljiet Kaur SLAMS ex Shalin Bhanot for calling her ‘Best friend’

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Bigg Boss 16 is grabbing everyone’s attention, all thanks to contestants like Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Touqeer, Tina Datta and Sajid Khan. They have been making BB16 quite interesting. However, among many, Shalin is one of the most talked about contestants in the house right now. He is not only grabbing attention for his bond with Tina and Sumbul but also for his relationship with his ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur. In one of the episodes, Shalin Bhanot also called his ex-wife his ‘best friend’.

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However, this irked Dalljiet as she slammed him for the same, stating that she has best friends and doesn’t hold that for him. During an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon actor told us, “I realise I am better off being a cat who doesn’t know what’s going on and I say the light is out. I’m better off being that cat because when you see it. Also, I used to think before he entered Bigg Boss that nothing bothers me but anytime I’m mentioned in a hilarious or a funny way, I don’t like it and it pinches me badly. Him meeting once a month twice a month or once in two months, in a good space where you come together for dinner or lunch or Jaydon spends time with his father or he plays with him, that’s a happy place to be for me but do I call him and say ‘hey, you know what I’m thinking I should take this decision should I?’ or ‘today I’m thinking of going partying with this person or I’m dating this one’. Is Shalin the person? No, I have my best friends, very much there from the beginning. I talk to them about what’s happening in my life, what is not there, what is there, what I want, what am I doing, where am I going in the evening, that friendship I don’t hold with Shalin. What I hold is a respectful relationship I can say today for Jaydon where we meet, we have a great time and then bye-bye and we come and then for weeks we don’t meet.”

Dalljiet Kaur also mentioned that it affected her when Shalin Bhanot talked about their relationship casually to Tina Datta after she asked if they were in an abusive relationship. The actor further said, “I think I got affected by the second half that I’ve been telling everybody about is when I think Tina asked him if he was in an abusive relationship and he said ‘No and when I’ll tell you, you’ll be like really’. I think the easier way for him could have been like ‘you come out and let’s not talk about this right now because there’s somebody involved in this topic who’s not here and she happens to be the mother of my child and we finally cracked a good relationship today. Now you call this friendship, co-parenting or what but definitely not best friends but we have reached to a good point after a lot of struggles and we’ve got that where Jaydon comes and I don’t have a frowning face like something was wrong between the two of us. He comes, and he sees two of us happy, I’m on my phone with something and he gets to spend time with him but you don’t laugh, you don’t laugh and say ‘when you get you to know you’ll be like really’. That thing really bothered me and I realized, that probably not looking is a better thing because I thought it doesn’t matter but it does.”

He can say whatever he wants to at his home, it’s completely his space his thing he can say whatever but I can not be affected when I’m like being laughed at like that and somebody said ‘oh he doesn’t get to meet Jaydon’ and he said ‘yeah, after 8 years, I finally got to meet my son’ or something like that I think what he’s trying to say is that like we meet in a good space now which actually he should be fiercely protective about and when he said I was like no he meets whenever he says he wants to meet I am more than happy because that’s good for Jaydon see I’m not again being Nobel. It is a simple funda for me. I think it is important for Jaydon to meet Shalin. It is as healthy as it gets and I would want that, Shalin also whenever he meets Jaydon he meets with respect and decently and that’s good for you and I like it like that. I think he should be protective of it and I hope he’s not spoken anything I’ve just come back,” Dalljiet further continued.

When asked if she wants to tell him something after Shalin Bhanot leaves Bigg Boss 16. To which, Kaur said, “I’ll just tell him that I am not happy with the fact that I had to go through this memorabilia again.

Watch Dalljiet Kaur on Shalin Bhanot’s remarks on Bigg Boss 16:

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