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EXCLUSIVE: Debina Bonnerjee reveals being called 'desperate' for her second pregnancy soon after Lianna's birth

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Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their first kid, daughter Lianna, early in April this year and soon they got a bigger surprise as Debina got pregnant with their second kid. On November 11 recently, the couple welcomed their second daughter and while her birth has brought immense happiness to their lives, the new parents had to face a lot of backlash before her birth. In the first episode of XtraOrdinary You Season 2, Debina Bonnerjee indulged in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble where she opened up about all the trolling she had to suffer.

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While talking about the biggest challenges she faced during her first pregnancy, Debina insisted that it was mostly mental for her. She said, “The issues were the comments of people. People telling that is this the right age to have a Baby in your late 30s? All heroines have it like that and it’s so weird.” She even spoke about being shamed for her weight gain through this time period. She shared, Even with pregnancy, there is body shaming. There were people who were writing because the last couple of months I didn’t speak out. There were people who would write that ‘even I was pregnant along with you, I delivered and I have lost all the weight, see you are a celebrity, you are not able to lose the weight’. So, these kind of reactions I get. But yeah, I was pregnant and I am pregnant, so that’s why it didn’t really hit me bad but had that not been the case, it would have really hit me bad. These kind of lose comments are all over the internet and I don’t think it really bothers me that much because I think right now, I have reach a zen level. Sometimes when I feel, I just give it back, when I don’t feel, I ignore.”

Debina asserted that although the comments didn’t affect her much, they did made her apprehensive a little about sharing her big news with the world. She informed, It did not ‘affect’ affect me, but I just feel like what is it to people? I had kind of assumed that this is the kind of route that people’s judgement would take and that’s why I was feeling a little uneasy to talk about it in the first place. But then I thought that I need to talk about it, because I need so many more people in the Road of only medical assistance, I can give them this direction that if you are stress free, and when you are not in any race to fulfil, your body reacts and positively. So, I wanted this to come out to people.”

And while she was prepared for the backlash, the level of it did kind of take Debina by shock. She said, I kind of knew this is the way people would say, but so harsh, so rude, that I never assumed, like ‘why so soon’, ‘you won’t be able to give Liana the love she deserves’, ‘you did it too early’, ‘you were too much in a hurry’, ‘ you were too desperate’, so all these kind of things I have heard. And when you hear so much, initially it just hits you bad and then, I am like I have developed a shell, in a sense not hiding me, I have developed a shell that it does not hit me anymore, it just hits the shell and goes.”

Debina has indeed emerged a strong individual through all the trolling and today, she has a beautiful family that just makes it all worth it. Wishing the new mom and her daughters love, good health and prosperity.

You can watch the entire episode of XtraOrdinary You with Debina here:

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