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EXCLUSIVE: Donal Bisht reacts strongly on going back inside Bigg Boss house

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Donal Bisht was an emerging star of the Indian television industry when last year she decided to enter the Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 15 house. There, even though her journey was short lived and she had a controversial exit, she received a lot of love from the audiences. Her work choices thereafter prove that she is trying to reinvent herself and the first step towards it came with her recent web series Tu Zakhm Hai, co-starring Gashmeer Mahajani. Recently, Donal Bisht got into an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble where she spoke about the show’s success, her journey in showbiz, her film debut and the possibility of her getting back in the Bigg Boss house. Read excerpts from the interview here:

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How has been the response and love that you have been receiving for Tu Zakhm Hai?

“It’s tremendously happy response as everyone was waiting what Donal is gonna do next? And people are loving me in Tu Zakhm Hai and the story itself. You can see it on the charts itself.”

From being a newbie in the acting world to today topping the charts with your shows, how has this journey for Donal Bisht been?

“Coming into this field from having no background in it is very difficult. It’s only your inner confidence, zeal and passion that can lead you ahead and I always had that in me. I used to give 4-5 auditions in a day at a time and I believe ‘ache kaam se hi kaam banta hai’, so one thing led to another and audience kept connecting to me and my work. TV had become my comfort zone when I started initially. I used to get shows back-to-back without any break. Life had become too easy for me while I was doing TV, so after that, I deliberately tried to get out of that and explore what next, what more I could do. So, I chose Tu Zakhm Hai and people are loving seeing me in it. They have accepted me on OTT as well.”

What was that moment when you first realised the extent of your success and popularity? 

“The first realisation came when people recognised me while going on streets and it happened right after my first show. But when my first leading show Ek Deewana Tha happened, the posters were all around the country and there were a lot of promotions. There is a mall near my house where we used to go a lot. There is a huge billboard there and whatever new comes, they put its poster there. So, I remember I had once told my parents that one day my face will be up there and the next time I went there, I saw my poster on that board and it was also when my parents realised that yes, I had arrived.”

You worked with Gashmeer Mahajani in Tu Zakhm Hai and you both have experience big successes on TV. Did that offer a sense of relatability to you two?

“I never knew Gashmeer before. We met on the set at the time of the readings only but we both are very professional and it comes from our individual experiences. And the audience is loving our chemistry.”

You are also set to make your movie debut with the Telugu-Kannada bilingual Kumbhkarana…

“I am very particular and choosy about the projects that I am doing. South in itself is in a boom phase. When I said yes to the project, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and my character there is very different again. I am happy and glad that I am getting such projects. It was definitely difficult because of the language but I learnt a lot. People would come up to me on set and would start speaking in Telugu, thinking I am from there itself.”

People go to Bigg Boss to get a boom in their career. Did the show had a similar effect on your professional growth? 

“I really believe that when you are an actor, your work comes from your acting only. Bigg Boss has given a lot of love to Donal Bisht, that is definitely there, but work wise, you really have to prove your mettle as an actor for getting any work. There was an incident recently, I had gone to an event and was having some food, when two huge bouncers came to me. I got scared that why were they coming towards me and then they said ‘Donal, we loved you in Bigg Boss, and when you were crying, we were crying with you.’ It’s been a year to Bigg Boss, yet the memories are so fresh in everyone’s mind and I am still receiving love from people. I don’t know what I did inside the house to get all this, I would have to see why are people saying all this and it just amazes me.”

Would you be open to going inside the Bigg Boss house again?

“Not at all. I can definitely go to promote something, but not inside the house. I am not that person, I am more about my work now.”

Have you been following the ongoing Bigg Boss 16 though?

“Can’t, can’t, can’t.”

Donal is exploring the web space today but will we be seeing her return to daily soaps?

“No, no. I realised this before lockdown only that I don’t want to be a person who stays in their comfort zone only. I want to challenge myself and do something different. I always wanted to be known as a good actor and to achieve that, you have to get out of your comfort zone.”

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