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EXCLUSIVE: Gautam Vig was disheartened by Salman Khan

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Actor Gautam Singh Vig was the latest contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house. After the elimination, the actor had a candid conversation with Bollywood Bubble where he spoke at length about his shocking eviction, his relationship with Soundarya and Shalin Bhanot. However, apart from everything, Gautam Vig even spoke about the host Salman Khan whom he called a pure gentleman.

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When asked to describe the Dabangg actor, Gautam told us, “His Aura is totally on a different level and he’s a pure gentleman I think if it’s with the girls or the guys and everything he’s a pure gentleman.” Nevertheless, Gautam Vig told us that Salman Khan disheartened him and he felt hurt as he did not get the proper guidance from him as he expected.

When asked if he felt a little disheartened about not getting guidance from the host. The Naamkaran actor said, “Yes, I did. I don’t know because whatever he said or whatever he does in the show I mean it’s all whatever he’s hearing is he’s going to do that but yeah, I’m disheartened. He should have guided me or schooled me at least to say ‘Gautam what are you doing for last one week, you just have to come out’ and whatever so it was a kind of guidance because you are inside for seven weeks with 14 people, that’s your life, that’s you that’s your family connection. He was the only connection. Even Shekhar sir was surprised and he even tweeted and everything but, of course, he usually did a segment so he can’t talk much but I was expecting from Salman sir at least.”

Meanwhile, Gautam’s relationship with Soundarya Sharma also made headlines when he was staying inside the house. In our exclusive chat, the actor reflected on his relationship while also questioning that no one asked about Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta’s relationship. He also spoke about Shalin’s fake friendship and why Karan Johar made him angry.

Watch the full interview with Gautam Vig here:

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