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EXCLUSIVE: Gautam Vig was SHOCKED after Bigg Boss 16 eviction

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Actor Gautam Singh Vig recently got evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house, shocking many people. He was considered to be one of the strongest contestants of this season. Much to his fans’ dismay, Gautam Vig was asked to leave the house. Talking about his shaken eviction from BB16, the actor mentioned that he was shocked and frozen when he learnt about his elimination.

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During an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the Naamkaran actor said, “I was shocked because no one was expecting that I’m gonna get evicted and there were no emotions it was all just freeze I got no idea what was happening to me and I met Kashmeera I met Krishna outside I met them they were just trying to calm me down and stuff and I got no idea what is happening with me like five minutes back I was in the house for 50 days and cut to, I’m in a different world and that world was totally different for me now. I was like why me now, that was the only thing like what I did like why me because when you knew yourself, I think because inside the house because I was there for 50 days, of course, the emotional ups and downs come and go and stuff if you see Salman Khan like he specified so many contestants he tried to explain the contestants where are you going wrong but no one guided me. Throughout seven weeks, no one. if my game was a little weak from the last one week or something but that was a part of the game there were a lot of people who were not doing anything from one first week but I don’t know it was just that.

Moreover, Gautam Vig even spoke about his bond with Soundarya Sharma in the interview. Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma shared a close bond when they were together in the Bigg Boss house. When asked if he would like to pursue his relationship with Soundarya after the show, Gautam said that they are going to talk about things after she comes out of the house.

Furthermore, Gautam even hinted at giving a chance to his relationship with Soundarya outside also and seeing how things go.

Watch Gautam Vig on his eviction in this interview:

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