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EXCLUSIVE: I caught Adil Khan Durrani red handed with a guy: Rakhi Sawant makes a SHOCKING revelation

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Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani have been making headlines for multiple reasons lately. Recently, in Bollywood Bubble’s Podcast ‘Let’s Talk With Bollywood Bubble’, Adil made shocking allegations against Rakhi. He accused her of cheating on him with ex-husband Ritesh. That’s not all, he also claimed that she had faked pregnancy. Now, Rakhi joined us for a candid conversation and shared her side of the story. The actress accused him of cheating on her. She also revealed that she once caught him red handed with a guy.

Rakhi quashes allegations

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Rakhi shared, “Uske saath bhi sota raha, mere saath bhi sota raha, aur ladkiyon ke saath bhi sota raha. Ladkiyan chodo, ladkon ke saath bhi sota tha. (He used to sleep with her, with me, and other girls. Leave girls, he used to sleep with men)”

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When asked if she ever caught him with someone, Rakhi revealed, “Yes, I have a proof.”

For the uninitiated, Adil had earlier revealed that Rakhi drugged him. He showed a video and shared, “It looks like I’m drowsy and I’m eating some tablets and I have some tablets in my hand. I’m not in my senses because I don’t know what is happening.”

In the latest interview, Rakhi slammed him. The actress said, “Mein Mumbai mein hu aur woh Mysore mein hai, drugs yaha se kaise gaya? Hawa mein?” The video which he showed is 5 years old.

She went on to add, “Usne meri zindagi kharab kar di. (He ruined my life).”

During the conversation, Rakhi Sawant also addressed husband Adil’s several shocking claims against her. The actress also broke down into tears as she slammed him.

Watch the full interview:

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