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EXCLUSIVE: ‘I was a very TOXIC person’, Uorfi Javed recalls her teenage years

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An entertainment buzz will surely know about Uorfi Javed. The former Bigg Boss OTT contestant never fails to grab headlines. Whether it is her bold fashion choices or her comments or her Instagram posts! With being a social media influencer, Uorfi has managed to gather media attention and how!

Uorfi Javed gets candid about her initial days

Speaking of her, the lady has taken out some time from her busy schedule and has sat down with us for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble. In in the candid conversation, Uorfi has spoken about her struggles and toxic family, now that she has the media attention and has risen to fame, we asked her about finding solace and if she could share what she felt like.

Addressing this, Uorfi says, “I couldn’t hold on to friends at that time because it was my fault too. I was very toxic. My character was not built until then. I came up from a toxic home and I didn’t know the value of friends, I didn’t know what friends are. So, I couldn’t hold on to friends. I was a very bad person, I used to bitch about people, typical behaviour. Since, I did not go to college, I took that behavior during my regular days. Bitching about people, fighting…I used to hit girls as well. There were different people at different time and I am not in touch with them.”

Further, in the interview, Uorfi Javed has also spoken up about having suicidal thoughts, facing rejections, and much more!

Watch the full interview here:

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