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Exclusive: Jad Hadid opens up about Bebika Dhurve’s reaction to his butt controversy, says ‘she’s an extremist’

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Bigg Boss OTT 2 is inching close to the finale and makers are leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience. This weekend Ka Vaar double eviction took place leading to Jad Hadid and Avinash Sachdev exiting the house. Be it his kiss with Akanksha Puri, flirting with Manisha Rani and Jiya Shankar, or flaunting his butt towards Bebika Dhurve, Jad Hadid grabbed headlines in the show for various reasons. Now, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Jad Hadid opened up about Bebika’s anger towards him. He also expressed that he felt guilty for his action.

Jad Hadid on his butt showing controversy in Bigg Boss OTT 2 house

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During a heated argument in the kitchen, things turned ugly between Jad and Bebika as he went on to his butt to shut her up. This led to a major fiasco which even led to Salman rebuking him. Reacting to the whole incident Jad said, “All I knew is that I’m gonna be in a house, in a place where there are many people with me. So I was only asked to be myself. That was a mistake. Now be yourself that’s why I show my ass and I explode all the way. But it was a nice experience to me. Whatever I’ve done, said, or expressed myself that was completely me. When I reacted in that impulsive way I noticed and realised that I’ve done something wrong and shameful and that’s not me. It doesn’t represent me so I went straight to it and I was ready to make it better.”

Jad Hadid calls Bebika Dhurve an ‘extremist’

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He further spoke about Bebika’s reaction and told, “But sadly she was going through a lot and knowing Bebika she is extremist. If she’s happy she’s extremely happy if she’s upset and sad she’s extremely down for it. So her reactions are always like if a small problem needs 10 percent anger she gives it 100, if a happy moments needs about 20 happiness she gives it 100. She is expressive, outspoken and says what whatever is in her heart. She has all the right to feel whatever she felt and whatever I’ve done definitely made her feel something. So it was my job to flip the switch and change the whole situation and get her back.”

Jad also stated that he felt guilty for his behaviour. He also revealed that he didn’t plan and do anything. “I also wanted to make her realize that what I’ve done is wrong yes but I have some mercy. Accept that I am sincerely, genuinely, coming to you to apologize and make a change. For a whole week I stressed on apologizing and asking for forgiveness every day. And so Salman Khan gave me this blessing and told me India forgives you. So thank you I hope they actually did forgive me. That was the first incident that flipped the switch for me in the house. And trust me I wasn’t aiming to take headlines and be the name on the news at all. I had no plan or agenda. Whatever I’ve done it was just me being myself completely”, clarifies Jad.

Watch the full interview here:

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