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EXCLUSIVE: Kritika Kamra on her transition from Television to movies

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Kritika Kamra is a known name in the world of television. She is known for her memorable characters like Arohi in Kitani Mohabbat Hai and Dr. Nidhi in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. The stunner soon moved on from TV and marked her debut in Bollywood and later into web series. The 34-year-old actress forayed into the films and web space with Mitron, Tandav and the recently released, Hush Hush.

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In an exclusive chat with us Kritika who has been in the world of Entertainment for a decade opened up on facing prejudice after she stepped into Bollywood for being a television actress.

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On being asked if her popularity on Indian television has worked against her when she tried doing films?

Kritika said, “Yes, you must have heard from many television actors, ‘That you are overexposed’. Or people think that you know only a certain kind of acting, or you come from this school of acting which is not the best. There is a way that television works and it becomes like a syntax which is very difficult to break. It is very difficult to break out of that mould that you have said. So people have their reservations and they always tell you that. It’s very difficult to break that and you can only break it by constantly proving yourself, with every project, every audition with every meeting even. There a so many times that people meet me and they have a very different image of me. Then they meet and are like, ‘Oh we didn’t think you were like this.”

Kritika further added about losing out on projects being a TVstar and said, “People would meet me as I was a known face so to say. But then they would also say that we are looking for a fresh face. Or people would go for somebody who is one film old, or somebody who has done films before. As they would feel that a film person is a safer choice than betting on a TV actor. Also because two or three of my shows became quite popular. I was just so lucky that I collaborated with some great people on television, I was never in the mainstream never in those top charts kind of shows but I always like found my way and two-three of my characters like Aarohi, and Dr Nidhi people knew me by these names. So it was not a one-show theme that I had to come out of. I had to convince people that I am worthy of this chance. But I could never understand as I was told that, we really liked the audition it was very good but just did not work out. People did not directly say and I did not know what to do. I think that can be quite frustrating at times. But I kept auditioning, and slowly directors and casting directors started remembering me from those auditions.”

Watch the entire conversation with Kritika Kamra here:

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