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EXCLUSIVE: Neeti Simoes & Preeti Simoes open up on quitting Comedy Nights with Kapil: It will always be our show

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Kapil Sharma starrer Comedy Nights with Kapil was one of the most popular shows back then. It enjoyed a huge fan following. Unfortunately, the show was pulled down after it was mired with a lot of controversies. However, the producers of the show, Neeti and Preeti Simoes finally opened up about their exit from Comedy Nights With Kapil. While talking to Bollywood Bubble, Preeti and Neeti spoke about the entire fiasco.

Preeti Simoes on being typecast

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When asked about being affected by the label as a TV producer, Preeti said, “No, it’s a job you’ve chosen to do. If every day you think it’s going to be a battle, then it’s going to be tiring for you to do it. Even a doctor, if he has a tough surgery to do, he’s going to do it because it’s his job. He’s skilled to do it. We are skilled with experience doing content and we’ve been typecast because certain projects have been successful.

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Maybe if we had had this opportunity earlier – though we didn’t have that opportunity – we were also very busy doing what we were doing. It’s successful, it is making money, why to spoil a good thing going, right? But when God puts you in a situation, where you have to do more than what you had been doing, you do it. What else can you do? You can’t sit at home and keep hopping about the past, right? You need to move on.

Preeti on fallout with Kapil Sharma

Preeti further added, “Certain projects are magic and then they happen. Even when we left Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma, we were approached by a lot of channels. Everyone wanted us to do a similar kind of show with the cast which had left. Obviously, in the pressure of running a company, you do end up doing some of those projects. Then you realise, ‘No, a certain kind of magic happened because a certain group of people came together and the time was right‘. But if you keep trying to replicate what you have done, you’re not going to be successful. You have to somewhere forget that success and then move on. And say, ‘Let me start’. And maybe this will be as big and this will be as satisfying for me as the previous project.

Watch the full interview

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