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EXCLUSIVE: Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia's father reveals details of call with Abdu Rozik

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Bigg Boss 16 contestants Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia and Abdu Rozik share a close bond of friendship. And, since the beginning of the reality show, the bond between these two contestants has only grown stronger. With contestants finally meeting their family members during the Bigg Boss 16 family week, we sat down with Gurdeep Ahluwalia, father of Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia.

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In an exclusive conversation with us, Gurdeep Ahluwalia, father of Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia opened up about her equation with Abdu Rozik. Mr Alhuwalia also shed light on the conversation between Nimrit’s mother and the singer. And, he went on to heap praise on Abdu for the person he is.

Father of Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia on her equation with Abdu Rozik!

Recalling the conversation between Nimrit’s mother and Abdu, her father Gurdeep clarified everything. He told Bollywood Bubble, “My wife, when she spoke, the conversation was only limited to exchange of plesantries, telling that young lad ‘Your doing well. Your friendship with Nimrit, everybody is adoring it. And we would love to host you, not only you, but everyone else, whenever you are in Delhi’. And at that point of time, that boy replied ‘I am busy shooting, shooting’. And the conversation ended with, ‘Convey my love to Nimrit‘.”

Mr Alhuwalia added, “So maybe, why it has been said, it’s a conversation between two people. Although I was there listening. And how Abdu has perceived it, and it has been conveyed further, and finally to Mr Salman (Khan). But whatever said and done, we take it in a positive strike. That it is perhaps to tell Nimrit that she has spent enough time with Abdu, there are others who have to take care of Abdu or his requirements. She should focus on her own.”

He further continued, “Nimrit is one person who has internationally travelled. She has been to cultural exchange programs. She has stayed with foreign students. We have hosted foreign students at our home. For her, interacting with a foreign national, she is at ease. So perhaps, Abdu was also looking forward to some company.”

Gurdeep Alhuwalia added, “They were engaged in meaningful, intelligent conversations. Because, Abdu doesn’t like fighting and getting hyped up on petty issues. So he’s a very sorted guy. So, I take it this way. Although what was conveyed wasn’t told by us, but if it has been conveyed to improve her game. It’s a good thing.”

Watch the full conversation below:


For the unversed, Bigg Boss 16 host Salman Khan had schooled Nimrit for complaining about Abdu’s cold behaviour towards her, after his re-entry in the show. Back then, Khan had revealed that Nimrit’s mother was the reason behind the same.

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